For those who have ever wondered how the Environmental Protection Agency became a “bloated regulatory behemoth,” a new book exposes the hypocrisy and corruption running rampant inside the agency. “Scare Pollution”, written by lawyer and statistician Steven milloy, is an easy-to-read investigation into the epa’s inner workings. Well researched and organized, the book provides an “alarming narrative of concocted dangers and contorted science designed to expand the reach of an already-too-powerful federal agency.”

Milloy has been covering EPA controversies for over 25 years and created the site to expose distorted and faulty science.

His latest foray explains how the agency was created by President Richard Nixon via executive order to appease anti-war activists. Milloy notes it’s also not a cabinet-level agency like the Energy Department, but is given cabinet-level authority, ability to write new laws, and an ever-ballooning budget.

It has become so powerful it can target any industry with surgical precision while ignoring the dangers of favored energy sources. Worse, the science used to back up many of the agency’s claims about particulate matter, or PM2.5, is based on politically driven science used to target fossil fuels. Milloy illustrates how the EPA has “over the course of the last 20 years marshaled its vast and virtually unchallenged power into an echo chamber of deceptive science.”

Testing human subjects

Milloy also documents how the EPA tested fine particulate matter on human subjects at some of the most renowned universities in America.

It then claimed these tests demonstrate the benefits of regulating PM2.5 from coal-fired power plants, vehicles, and factories, which far outweigh the costs. That’s the basis for the Clean Power Plan, a contentious EPA rule President Donald Trump has promised to roll back.

Once the human subjects were placed in air-tight chambers, they were exposed to high levels of particulate matter not found in nature.

Some subjects were exposed to levels nearly 72 times higher than what’s detected in outdoor air on a smoggy day. They even tested on children with some predisposed to asthma. If visions of the Holocaust came to mind, you’re not alone.

Worse still, before the chamber experiments began the EPA’s former head Lisa Jackson told Congress PM2.5 “doesn’t just make you sick, it kills you.” So why were they pumping extraordinarily high amounts of PM2.5 and forcing people to inhale them?

What Milloy discovered will both shock and exasperate you. You’ll learn how officials use Orwellian language, the judicial system, and partisan doublespeak to explain away forcing human subjects into inhaling copious amounts of PM2.5.

Fixing the EPA

Milloy also presents numerous ways for fixing the EPA from banning secret science to ridding the EPA’s corrupt peer-review system. He also says the EPA is woefully outdated and needs a stem-to-stern overhaul to reflect today’s environment. But many of the agency’s long-term problems run deep and are resistant to change.

With EPA-designee Scott Pruitt in charge, an attorney general who has bumped heads with the agency on previous occasions, Trump may finally keep his pledge to substantially ‘fix’ the EPA while keeping the energy promises that got him elected.

Under President Obama, the EPA has been on a mission to shut down the coal industry while favoring renewables. Coal country fought back and voted Republican, a clear rebuke to Obama’s legacy.

Milloy told “Blasting News” that after Pruitt gets confirmed, his “biggest challenge will be preventing the leaking of misleading information or the insubordination from career employees.” Milloy also hopes the EPA will have “honest policy debate and stop lying to the public,” which may prove difficult given the scare pollution they’ve been blowing for the past two decades. "Scare Pollution" is available from Amazon and other bookstores.