Whilst trump and many in the #Republican party continue to denounce #Global warming, many watching the storms are wondering how much more unsettled the weather in California is going to get.

With years of drought recently giving way to a #chaotic series of storms, floods and rainy weather, it's no guessing what is going to happen next. What we do know is that the world, as scientist tell us, is on the brink of a #global climate disaster. And we need to act now.

London fog is not a fashion brand, but a new reality

Across the globe, London is facing its #worst pollution levels since the storied days of the London Pea fog.

Asthma has become a household name. People are choking on toxic fumes and nitrogen dioxide as diesel cars spew out record levels of pollution. Even cyclists are wondering if it's worth their health to continue on their bikes.

#London mayor Sadiq Kahn wants to introduce a $12 a day pollution tax, and people are wondering about wearing face masks.

Kahn said it was staggering that Londoners live in a city where the dirty air is causing young children to have #lung issues. "If we don’t make drastic changes now we won’t be protecting the health of our families in the future." Fourteen years after the introduction of the city's first congestion charge, Kahn announced the strictest emission guidelines of any capital Western city. Many are calling him a climate hero.