Such is the domination of President #Donald Trump in the news cycle over the last few months that it is easy to forget that there is a world outside the United States that still lives, works, dies and has fun. Let's look at some things that may have slipped our attention over the last week.


As President Trump weathered criticism of the impromptu National Security Council meeting at his Mar-a-Lago resort after the North Korean missile test, a suicide bomber killed at least 13 people in Lahore in Pakistan. The presence of a new President in the United States did nothing to stop the activities of the Taliban.


On the day dominated by Former Security Advisor #Michael Flynn resignation as a result of his contacts with the Russian Ambassador, Brazil faced a security crisis during its Carnival due to a threat by anarchists which saw the government deploy 9,000 extra troops in Rio de Janeiro.

At the same time in Turkey continues its struggle with Kurdish rebels with the arrest of 600 allegedly pro Kurdish sympathisers.


While Donald Trump met with controversial Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the BBC reported that India managed to set a new world record of rocket loaded with 104 satellites launched in a single mission, probably good news for their call centre businesses.

French politics took an unusually “British” turn in its presidential election campaign when right wing National Front candidate Marine Le Pen suggested that the France too could withdraw from the European Union.

Even the new brand “Frexit” seemed unusual for a party that is fiercely French and reluctant to copy anything foreign.


While Donald Trump distracted the world with his unusual press conference Reuters reported that rebels killed 32 civilians during clashes between rival groups in the Central African Republic. In a sign that the war on terror is not as clear as some may think, Reuters also reports that there is now an alliance between Moslem and Christian rebel groups in the country.

In an obvious sign that journalists are targeted in many countries, the BBC reported that two radio journalists were killed during a broadcast in San Pedro di Marcoris in the Dominican Republic.


On the day the news that the reported use of the National Guard was denied by the White House, according to EUobserver Finland has announced an increase in its defence spending citing as the reason the increasing international tension caused by Russia.

In a development that may have implications on the war on terror, the BBC reported that the Syrian jihadist group Jabhat Fateh al-Sham in Syria has broken with Al-Qaeda.


As we awaited further developments in the new Trump Administration, a news item from Australia shows that clashes between the Judiciary and politicians occurs even in other countries when the Federal Court ordered the federal government’s Border Force to halt plans to confiscate cell phones from detainees in detentions. Obviously civil rights extend to everyone in a country and not just to citizens.

In news that many in the U.S. may have missed, Asia News reports that a fleet of American naval ships, including the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson has begun “routine operations” in the South China Sea, the area currently subject to increased military activity by China with its creation of artificial islands as military bases that are worrying the United States’ Asian allies.

Is this a sign of more aggressive tactics by the White House?


All these items are related to matters in which the United States directly or indirectly plays a role, even though they did not make headlines in America. Thus the messages the country transmits are read and analyzed by friend and foes alike.

President Trump must direct his attention to addressing issues and not distractions because these few items show that there are many challenges to face that cannot be answered by tweets. The world is waiting for him to lead and so far he has not done so.