Attorney General for the Trump administration Jeff Sessions was finally confirmed by a 52-47 senate vote last Wednesday and within a couple of days, he reportedly started rolling back bathroom rights for transgender people. Now entering the fourth week of the Trump presidency, his administration would be happy to know that America and the media are exhausted from what Peggy Noonan -- via the Chicago Suntimes -- referred to as going through a "cloud of crazy."

A vote for the new attorney general for the Trump White House was at the center of a battle between Republicans and Democrats who felt Jeff Sessions was too cozy with President Trump and therefore would implement the President's agenda no matter how extreme it was.

As we can see thus far it's true. But the Attorney General's history of racist comments from the past was also one of the reasons all but one Democratic voted against him. Anti-LGBT rights and racism, however, is just par for the course for most of the members of Trump's cabinet and even those Republicans who voted for Sen. Jeff Sessions.

New attorney general is no Loretta Lynch

Along with the attorney general's nomination fight, Sen. Elizabeth Warren made headlines that Tuesday when during a Democratic filibuster to stall votes for his confirmation, she was interrupted by Republican Majority leader Mitch McConnell as she was quoting Coretta Scott King. Coretta was the widow of civil rights leader Martin Luther King and the quote was from a letter she had sent to the United States Senate in 1986, saying that Jeff Sessions should not be confirmed to the U.S.

District Court for the Southern District of Alabama.

Obstructing Jeff Sessions from the beginning is exactly the view shared by almost every Democrat. A look at how he sees all major issues confirms the complete destruction of everything attorney general Loretta Lynch had built at the Justice Department, under Obama. For instance, his stance on immigration has been consistent where he doesn't believe they should have a path to citizenship.

In an op-ed piece he wrote as recently as 2015 for "The Washington Post", he promoted his view of enforcing a systematic slowdown on immigrants, which falls in line with Trump's view that undocumented workers depresses the wage for Americans and is one of the causes for unemployment.

Attorney General will be persistently anti-American

Also, Attorney General Loretta Lynch saw the reality of bad cops. But Jeff Sessions will take the complete opposite position of everything that has been established as law or right, given to Americans so far. An article by "USA Today" titled: "Who is Jeff Sessions? We'll let him tell you," published after his confirmation, provides a thorough update on what Jeff Session's tenure as the new attorney general under Trump will look like. It's been reported that after Jeff Sessions was nominated, Trump held a meeting with six Calfornia sheriffs who have said they're excited to work with the new attorney general, saying that they did not support sanctuary cities or like to be told how to enforce the law.

This already confirms an open opportunity for the new attorney general to target Liberal pockets of political resistance.

Even the unhinged Sherrif David Clarke who declared war on President Obama last year is highly supportive of Sessions and according to various reports, is ready replace ICE agents to go after immigrants. Trump's attacks on the media, his the signing of executive orders and chaos he's thrown the country into, no one who thought he would is even that surprised by it. But the reality is surreal. There is no doubt people should expect the same kind of extreme rule of law enforcement from Jeff Sessions. Because, in a climate of defiance and bold opposition, Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants Trump's totalitarianism to become a reality.