The truth about Syria

All writers write from their own perspective so any story you read is bound to be slanted one way or the other mine included. However, when it comes to humanitarian crimes false news is heinous. What has happened in Syria is mass murder and the way our western media has reported the issue is nothing short of criminal.

Assad has always been a brutal dictator and the west has worked hard at overthrowing him. In Assad's tenaciousness to retain control he has murdered and gassed his own people while the western world continues to support ISIS and al-Qaeda in the fight to remove him.

Syria's refugee crisis

This helps to explain Merkel's open door policy to refugees. To stand by and allow the rape of a county, to support and maintain the rebel factions made up of al-Qaeda and ISIS, must weigh heavy on her conscience. The US wavered in its response to the war. Instead of becoming directly involved like Russia, they decided to take a more anonymous approach by arming and funding the rebels. Only if you follow the developments in Syria would you have an idea of what the war is about and what it is doing to the millions of people who live there.

The 6 year war has caused the migration of millions of men, women and children. The policy to annihilate Aleppo was to send a message from Assad and the Russians to the rebels that they too will meet the same fate.

The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and Arab Spring has put the entire Middle East and the rest of the world on notice. This is not a sectarian war but a religious one to those on the ground. To others, it is about oil and a pipeline through Syria. More to the point, it is about money and energy.

To Aleppo hope returns

Their are no good guys in the Syrian war, but there is a modicum of hope for the populace.

The Syrian government recently adopted a plan to begin services to Aleppo so that residents can return to their former lives. They are working on getting roads, water, electricity and fuel to its citizens. There is talk of hospitals being rebuilt and healthcare centers resurrected from the ashes. The so-called liberation that occurred in December when the last Takfiri elements were removed from the city has arrived and soon the rebuilding will begin.

A French parliamentary delegation visited Aleppo this past weekend and they were stunned by what they saw. They remarked that Aleppo was very different from what was being reported compared to what was actually on the ground.

Let it be known that nature abhors a vacuum. The vacuum doesn't care what fills it, it only cares that it is filled. This was a hard lesson for the western world and the people of Syria to learn.