A kid lying face-down on the ground, immobile and calm. This is an image we should never get accustomed to. The death of an innocent kid, yet again, signals the failure of an international community that is more fractured and self-absorbed than ever. The hopes of countless kids are being washed away by other humans who have lost their humanity. Kids like Alan Kurdi and Mohammed Shohayet put a face to the numerous crimes inflicted on kids who have no reason to feel persecuted or mistreated.

Alan and Mohammed

Alan Kurdi -- his blood is on the hands of a shameful Syrian government and an incompetent international community that has only heightened the conflict in his motherland.

Thousands of Syrians have lost their lives at home and at sea trying to flee. Immediate political reactions followed, but as the days passed and the image of Alan began to fade away from people’s minds the doors began to close again for the thousands of helpless refugees.

Mohammed Shohayet reminds us of Alan. The recent picture of Mohammed, released by the father, laying dead on the bank of a river intends to spur international uproar as well. The persecution that his family and the rest of the roughly 1 million Rohingya people from Myanmar have suffered for years should be condemned once and for all. Buddhist nationalism has overtaken any other values from the part of a majority in Myanmar. As a result, this Muslim minority of the Rohingya people has long been discriminated against by the government.

Reports of rape and torture have emerged on many occasions, leaving many, like Mohammed and his family, with no choice but to attempt to flee to neighboring countries like Bangladesh or India. Unfortunately, many do not succeed. The rest of the world has taken the easy route all these years, which is to look elsewhere.

When enough is enough

Mohammed and Alan perfectly represent the demise of a world that is more disconnected than ever. We laud a globalization that we thought had brought us all closer together, but when those in need of help raise their hands we are quick to put them down or look elsewhere. It is in our hands, yet again, to condemn such happenings by not only post insightful phrases on social media but also by making those in power understand the responsibility they hold and the values they stand for.

Action is needed. Let us hope we do not have to see another photo of a dead child to realize that we should make use of what is left of our humanity and denounce the inhuman crimes of the world. Let's help Mohammed and Alan, and other children around the world.