The opposition leader, who is also the frontrunner of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party Raila Amolo Odinga, famously known as “Agwambo cum Baba”, is among the candidates who will be vying for the presidential seat in Kenya come August 2017. Raila will be running for the fourth round now as a president of Kenya after losing for three consecutive terms.

In spite of a huge following in Kenya, the 71- year-old Raila Odinga is likely to be defeated again. Research conducted recently indicates that the President of Kenya Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is more popular than Raila himself.

Raila Odinga is an agitator

It will be remembered that on May 2016, Raila Odinga led the country to protests against the electoral body in Kenya, the IEBC. He claimed that IEBC is biased and acts in favour of the ruling party Jubilee Alliance. The protests resulted into violent clashes between his supporters and the police. The police beat them up leaving at least five people dead and others wounded. Additionally, in 2007, Raila’s provocative words that the votes were cripplingly rigged and his call for countrywide riots led to the loss of more than 1200 Kenyans and millions of people displaced. It was then that he was offered the post of a prime minister. In 1982, Raila Odinga planned for the coup against the then President His Excellency Daniel Arap Moi.


Raila Odinga is one person who knows the truth but lacks the procedure of bringing it out. He has revealed so many scandals in Kenya. For instance he exposed the truth about the NYS outrage in which over Sh 721 million was reported to have stolen by the top officials. He also brought the Eurobond scandal into the limelight.

However much he knows, Raila lacks the criteria of solving problems, making him to look imprudent and weak. His behaviour of sitting on information and figure-hugging it later on when it is stale is what always outlays him.

Raila's old age

Politically, Raila Odinga stands a better chance of becoming the next President of Kenya since he has been in the political arena for a long time.

He knows the nitty-gritties of politics. But technologically, Raila is a baby to lead Kenya to the next level. He can’t fit in the shoes of Uhuru Kenyatta. Electing him will not only destroy the foundations that have been laid down by President Uhuru Kenyatta but also subject the country to an economic crisis.

The déjà vu

Raila Odinga has lost severally. This shows how unlucky he is. It won’t be a bombshell if he trails again. 2007 was his lucky number, but he unwisely handed power to his equivalent Mwai Kibaki. He is too unlucky to be in power. And as the clock is ticking off, it is time he realized his old age and went into something helpful.