The press and the media are full of theories that the Russians hacked the US election. This happened just after Donald won the electoral college votes. President Obama has also tried to "box in" the President-elect by removing 35 Russian Diplomats from the US in response to this so-called hacking. It's a moot point if he would have gone through with these actions, in case Hillary was the victor. Obama now sees his legacy being reduced to zero as Donald has already indicated that he will dismantle all the executive decisions of Obama and that is not a happy thought for the President.

Hence his attempt to show the world and US electorate that Donald won by means other than free and fair elections. To be correct, he has not said this in so many words, but the purpose and intent is clear: to de-legitimize the victory of Trump.

Attempt to de-legitimize Trump's election

Republican Trent Franks has openly echoed the view held by many that Obama's main aim is not Russia but the election of Trump. Normally a president with just 3 weeks to go would not make such a momentous decision, but Obama went ahead with it. Unfortunately for him, Putin has not reacted, nor retaliated in a harsh way. His aim is to give Donald Trump a chance to retrieve the situation. For his part, Donald has repeatedly said that he does not believe in the Russian hacking.

He has said he knows a lot about hacking and it's not something cut and dry. He has also appreciated Putin, staying his hand in responding to the actions of Obama. Both of these leaders have exchanged new year wishes. By not reacting, part of the plot of Obama has fallen, and he must be wondering what he achieved.

Last word

There are many in Congress, even from the GOP, who are echoing the views of Obama, but closer scrutiny of these Republicans will show that they were all unhappy with Trump at some stage or another. America is indeed a divided state, as mentioned by Time magazine, and Trump will have to face up to this fact and lead the way forward.