Strangely, the Party that will be able to face the future politically after the November 8th election with some confidence is the Democratic Party. They already have the advantage of Hillary Clinton’s legacy of a majority of the popular vote to build on and the prospect of an incoming President Donald Trump that is losing consensus rather than building on his Electoral College victory in the presidential campaign.

More elections on the horizon

The Party also has the advantage of fighting a political opponent with an agenda that is high on rhetoric, but low n details and true targets for the future.

Furthermore, the stated opposition of some Republicans such as John McCain and Mark Rubio to Donald Trump’s Secretarial nominations opens the doors to being able to publicly divide the GOP in the two Houses.

These circumstances mean that the Democrats will be able to peacefully prepare for the midterm elections against an opponent that has no firm hand on the tiller. Furthermore, the lack of a clear favourite for the next Presidential race will allow young, ambitious Democrats to stake a claim for the 2020 Primary Race, thus giving them even more incentive to perform strongly in the Houses during future debates.

Agenda and not personality

At the same time the Democrats must understand that their best weapons will be to fight President #Donald Trump and the Republicans on their lack of a detailed political agenda and the uncertainty of what the Oval Office truly intends to achieve over the next four years.

Furthermore, the controversies over Trump’s conflicts of interest and the allegations of Russian hacking of the recent presidential campaign will mean that the Democrats will be able to constantly keep the Republican Party on the defensive on a wide range of issues.

For the Democratic Party the #Inauguration of Donald Trump was the beginning of the new next two electoral campaigns and will allow them a freedom of action that the GOP will certainly envy.