As America patiently waits for our new President to take office, many have opinions on what the next four years will entail. Will it be a catastrophic failure that plummets the US, or will we see actual growth and change?


Donald Trump’s road to becoming the head of state has been an interesting one. Trump miraculously became the Republican nominee to everyone’s surprise; how could the host of “Celebrity Apprentice” get the GOP nomination? Nonetheless, Trump went on to beat Hilary Clinton.

As one of the most controversial and anxiety-filled elections to date, Trump's success sparked mixed emotions.

With some people for Trump, claiming he is a fresh change from the stereotypical politician, to anti-Trump people that claimed his inexperience is prevalent and will be his downfall. So what can we expect from Trump?


Twitter rants ending? Trump is known for displaying his emotions, feelings, and, quite frankly, mean reactions in 140 characters or less on Twitter. Trump rants are epic, and usually spark major controversy between politicians and the public alike. With grammar not being a specialty in his tweets, many are probably hoping that his Twitter gets replaced with more professional tweets in the next 8 days.

Racism ending or growing bigger? This is a complex situation to even go into.

Trump’s entire campaign has used derogatory and often stereotypical words to depict minority groups. Supporters back Trump up, saying he is just using his first amendment right as an American. While others see Trump’s rhetoric as a hurtful tool that can incite others to disrespect the groups he mentions. With both sides arguing their case, many Muslims and Mexicans (which are often the groups he targets) have growing fears of what their future will entail while he is in office.

Trump's cabinet choices have also been critiqued by choosing people known to be in hateful groups. We cannot really predict what Trump will do in office in the realm of equality and civil rights, but hopefully he can progress the movement.

Women finally being equals? The now infamous quote found in the now viral conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush, seems to lean towards women’s right being on the back burner.

Trump's behavior towards women has not always been positive, and has, in some ways, reiterated the social construct of women as inferiors. Not to mention his alleged rape allegations that have added more harm to the situation. However, the amount of white women that voted for Trump showed that he has the support of many women overall. Maybe Trump’s troubled history with women won’t correlate with the future.

Should we be hopeful?

On January 20th America will have their next president and will change forever. A man with no political background will introduce a new perspective on politics and social change. With some for and some against the new president, we have to remember to be patient and see what he is going to do.

In Obama’s farewell speech he said: "It falls to each of us to be those anxious, jealous guardians of our democracy; to embrace the joyous task we've been given to continually try to improve this great nation of ours.” Hopefully Trump will work to develop and grow our country as the next president.