North Korea is a small nation but it is a belligerent nation that defies the mightiest power in the world - the USA. Facts can be deceiving as North Korea by itself is too puny to show a fist to Uncle Sam unless it has a tacit backer. Perhaps it has a backer in China which could have easily stopped the Korean nuclear build up, yet did nothing. The danger of North Korea having a nuclear-tipped ICBM is real. This has prompted retired General Walter Sharp former supreme commander of US forces in Korea from 2008-11 to recommend a preemptive strike on North Korea to destroy the nuclear arsenal.

This is something Isreal did successfully against Iraq.

General's views

General Walter Sharp is clear that nothing short of a preemptive strike can stop Korea from having a nuclear-tipped ICBM that could threaten America. The fact is North Korea under Kim il Jung has developed or is in the process of developing, a 3 stage Taepodong missile which could be fitted with a nuclear warhead. General Sharp is clear that diplomacy or trying to take the help of China is not going to work. He advocates a preemptive strike to take out the missiles.

Donald Trump will have to address the problem of North Korea. However, he will bear in mind that Korea is close to Communist China and the diplomatic fallout and repercussions of a strike will have wide ramifications.

The unpredictable commodity is China which will not allow North Korea to be bombed in its own backyard. China has already shown its aggressive intentions by capturing a US drone on the high seas. Though the Chinese are returning the drone their power play is unmistakable.


Sharp outlined his views at a panel discussion at the center of Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

Trump will have to face up to the problem but one has lurking admiration that he would deal with Kim in an unconventional manner and maybe defuse the crisis. During his campaign, Donald may well deal with the issue differently as he has other ideas. He referred to Kim as a "maniac" but he also said that he would be willing to meet him over a hamburger. This shows his unconventional style which may well lead him to diffuse the problem.