Up until last night's vice presidential debate the nation wasn't overly acquainted with Mike Pence or Tim Kaine unless you lived in one of the states where these men held office. Many of the things you learned about these life-long politicians during the debate didn't have too much to do with politics, but it was interesting just the same.

Debate gone rogue

One candidateseemed to demonstrate his assets while the other did a good job at showcasing his lack-of, or at best -- convoluted assets. The two men paved their own venue by almost immediately goingrogue and they did this in front of a very frustrated moderator who couldn't reel in the sparing vice presidential hopefuls.

The Daily Mail suggests the constant interrupting of Pence by Kaine is something that didn't go unnoticed!

Sheltered lives

Viewers got to witness some cheap shots as a side effect of this debate, along with getting to know these men for who they really are! American voters learned that Kaine's wife and mother must have led very sheltered lives. When Kaine used words such as "pig," "slobs" and "dogs" he claimed he doesn't like to say these words in front of his mother and his wife -- both were in the audience.

That left some in the audience a bit concerned for the well being of the two women who were forced to listen to the names of a farm animal, a pet found in many households, and a word that is synonymous with "sloppy." The break-out stars of this debate were Kaine's eyebrows as they seemed to offer up a bizarre simultaneous movement with every syllable that passed his lips!

Odd man out

Then there was Pence, who was the adult in the room last night, but not the fighter. He didn't do too much to have Trump's back when Kaine got those eyebrows moving at jet speed spewing out accusations about Trump. Although Pence did do a good job considering it was two against one on that stage last night.

Moderator a Hillary fan?

Elaine Quijano did everything but carry a "Vote for Hillary Clinton" sign on stage. Even without that sign, you knew immediately she was pro-Hillary. That stacked the odds heavily against Pence. She lost control of that debate from the get-go, but duringher feeble attempts to reel them back in, she gave Kaine a lot more wiggle room than Pence when it came time to interrupt their rants.

Oh, those eyebrows!

Quijano cut Pence off mid-sentence, while she danced around Kaine, who somehow was allowed to get his words in edge-wise. Kaine came out like a man just way too eager to prove himself as an asset to Hillary, but that backfired. Between the fluctuation in his voice, his eyebrows snapping into funny arches, and the nasty comments he made about Trump, the guy was a one-man show.

At least he didn't stick his tongue out!

Kaine was so revved up and with that twinkle in his eye, which resembled a little kid about to get into mischief, you almost expected him to stick his tongue out at Pencewhen the debate was all done! Some media outlets compared his actions to that of a spoiled brat. There you have it -- two more people who want to help run this country!