When will narcissists ever learn? Pick up the mirror and reflect deeply before you go accusing folk of the very same things you are accused of. Clearly as an intimidation tactic, Donald Trump brought female accusers from former President Bill Clinton’s past to the second 2016 Presidential Debate. Prior to the debate, the women, along with Trump, held a presser wherein they acknowledged Trump’s abhorrent comments. However, it was Bill Clinton’s alleged inappropriate behavior they found more disgusting. And if true, who can blame them? Nevertheless, supporting another man accused of the very same horror is quite perplexing.

During the 2016 presidential debate, Trump repeatedly brought up Bill Clinton’s embarrassing past. Cheers from his base should have been heard from around the world. Still, fresh off the heels of a character revealingAccess Hollywood video, Trump felt it was safe, that he was that much of a star, to go on this type of attack.

Enter civil rights attorney Gloria Allred

Allred, a well-known champion for women’s rights, said this week that women have been reaching out to her with allegations of sexual harassment and/or abuse at the hands of GOP nominee Donald Trump. Many may ask why now but truth be told, Trump has had a long, troubling history with women for decades despite what he or his daughter tell those who don’t know.

Allred went on to explain to Gothamist on Monday that unwanted or unconsented touching of person’s intimate area could constitute as sexual assault or sexual battery. Gloria Allred said she was disgusted by what Trump said in the Access Hollywoodvideo and an apology was not enough.

Trump apologized during the 2016 presidential debate, sort of

Immediately after Donald Trump “apologized” for his comments in the video, he dismissed it away as locker room talk and made an odd detour into stopping ISIS. When all else fails, distract. The locker room excuse only brought on a barrage of tweets from several professional athletes who vehemently disagreed.

Gloria Allred can relate to these women callers in a sense. Last week, she released a statement which revealed that Trump once told her she would be very, very impressed with the size of his penis. Stay tuned to see if the legal dynamo will organize some type of legal action.