With the fifteenth anniversary approaching of the 911 atrocity, the question on everyone’s mind is the primary, the only purpose of our federal government is to keep us safe- are we any closer to that end? There have been more mass shootings than during the past two or three administrations combined.

The federal government has spent a record amount of money amassing more debt than all of the prior administrations combined so one would think we’d be safefrom #terrorism.

Hunger games and 1984 becoming a reality

To answer the question we can look at the Obama administration and discover that they have entered into an agreement with the UN (without our consent) to structure Strong Cities Network SCN on a global scale to combat “violent extremists”.

That’s good you think wrong it’s authorizing the UN military to invade U.S. soil to kill patriots. This action overwrites our US Constitution without even the consent of Congress. How could this happen in free America? The federal government hasn’t been taking orders from us for generations. The Patriot Act which is a contradiction of terms because it denies US citizens their rights was instrumental for federal control.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced this summer that her office would be we working with the UN a sharia-compliant world body, with cities around the country to enforce Islamic beliefs. Since it was the radical Islam through Osama bin Laden that was responsible for 911, we have reason to fear this unilateral move for freedom.

Conspiracy theories about 911

Conspiracy theories about 911 are given new credence in light of this new activity. Was the 911 incident simply an act of terror or was it actually another step in the takeover of the largest free country in the world? Our President and #Hillary Clinton cannot even say the words “radical Islam” because they are behind the Islam push; they’re members of the society.

They support the UN and use any violence as the reason to take your guns. Just over two years ago the Army has a completed a 300 acre “fake city” in Virginia for terrorist training. #Obama

If you value your freedom, take and look into this before the terror of a scenario plays out in your homelandlike the TV series the Last Ship. If you are in New York during September be sure to check out a billboard going up by architects and engineers regarding the controversial “building 7” or third tower that went down during 911.