Melania Trump is again making headlines in a big way. 20-year-old nude pictures of Donald Trumps wife have been on the front page of The New York Post.

The pictures taken long before Trump and Melania met are the newest way the Democrats will try to take down the political campaign they just cannot figure out.

These pictures may have done harm to one campaign indeed or at least put them in yet another precarious position, but probably not the one most think will be affected.

Trump has already been embracing the fact the Melania was once a supermodel, and those pictures are of a beautiful woman working in her profession.

These pictures mean nothing

These pictures mean nothing in the overall picture of the election. Those who print them are simply adding another car to the ever increasing length of the Trump Train.

They will undoubtedly be reprinted elsewhere, they may even be photoshopped with funny catch phrases added, but in the end, they just don’t matter much, because we are not voting for Melania.

Hillary Clinton and the democratswho continually try to make people believe they are the party of womenmay have taken another hit just by being in the picture, so to speak.

If the democrats speak poorly of the pictures, they expose themselves has frauds when it comes to women and the causes of those women.

Trying to take the high road and say something positive, it will only help Trump.

The democrats should remain silent

Possibly the best plan of action for the democrats and Hillary Clinton’s campaign are to stick with the same plan they have had all along concerning the email scandals.

Just don’t answer any questions because those answers can only make you look bad in the eyes of American women voters.

Politics combined with social mediaand the way information is delivered or accessible to voters in today’s world has changed over the years.

Can you imagine if someone had printed nude pictures of a former first lady such as Jacklyn Kennedy, the world would have simply erupted.

In today’s world that outrage has turned into the norm explained away by rhetoric and political correctness when it fits the narrative right or wrong.

Be thankful, it could have been Bill

One thing the American voter can take solace in concerning these pictures, they were of Melania Trump. Even today over 20 years later she is a beautiful woman.

Possibly these same voters can be thankful they were not nude pictures of Trump’s opponent for the President of the United States or her spouse.