While it might be just another dull day on the Hillary Clinton campaign trail, one of the things to watch for is Hillary's exciting mode of dressthese days! It's eerie looking and a bit bizarre, but Hillary Clinton has started dressing to resemble household goods, almost like she's trying to hard to blend into the average person's life. How can you not vote for a person who goes out of their way to make you comfortable by trying to look like your vacuum cleaner, an item you see almost every day at home?

Proud as a peacock!

Hillary's been spotted out while wearing a rug turned into a coat and she spoke at a recent rally wrapped in an oven mitt-like ensemble.

Then there was her vacuum cleaner attire that really turned heads! While some thought the coat was an original look for her, others, many others, thought that it looked too much like a rug. It didn't seem to matter to the presidential hopeful, as Hillary was proud as a peacock strolling in her carpet-turned coat! According to #HillarySearchTerms, she is the number two search today on Twitter!

Hillary no fashion icon

Let's face it, Hillary will never be one to start a fashion trend, as she is still stuck in the 1970s with her polyester pantsuits. While the pantsuits are very unappealing, she does own one in every color known to mankind.

She went through a very slicked-back mode of dress not too long ago, until people started comparing her fashion to the attire worn by the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Below she is seen in her oven-mitt-like frock, or quite possibly the latest in hospital patient attire.

Gone from bursting with color to drab

According to The Star, New York Times Chief Fashion Critic, Vanessa Friedman, it looks like Hillary may have gone drab, leaving the colorful pantsuits behind for a reason.

So why would she do this? Maybe because she was getting so much press over the colorful pantsuits and she wants to keep the conversation to her presidential offerings! So by dressing very unassuming, the pantsuit jokes go away and it gives her more time to talk about the things that matter!

It looks like even Cher (below) couldn't believe what she was seeing.

It had to be hard to look at Hillary too long up on the stage in her pajamas. It appears as if the star was enjoying herself despite Hillary's unsuccessful attempt at looking presidential!

When all else fails, throw on an oversized oven mitt!

Will walking around resembling an oven mitt bring Hillary closer to the average voter? Most folks use oven mitts in their homes, unlike Hillary who leaves the oven mitts to the servants. Apparently she thinks if she can have something in common with the blue collar households of America, she can collect more votes from the average Joe.

Does the oven mitt do it? Most folks have a vacuum cleaner at home, so dressing up like a Hoover may spark a comfortable feeling for those folks who do their own housework? Well at least it looks like her mindset may be going in that direction, as seen below!

She's got that look of Hoover down pat!

She can always go to her old stand-by, the polyester pantsuit, as it's the next best thing to the suit and tie that her opponent sports on the campaign trail. Check out her vast array of colorful ensembles that she has to choose from!

The one with the hat was a memorable look for sure.

Her dictatorship line wasn't her finest hour!

At one point it looked as if Hillary was trying to convey she has the strength to rule the nation, but modeling herself after North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un wasn't her finest hour. Not being able to choose from the more powerful of the two, Clintonmorphed herself into attire that offered a toss-up between Kim and Austin Powers.