The transcripts from Hillary Clinton’s interview with the FBI was made public today. As usual the Democrat’s nominee takes another hit as far as being trustworthy. Somewhere between 30 and 40 times Clinton’s answer was that she could not remember. There are not that many left that truly believe her anymore nor should they when this is her answer.

Time and time again we have seen Clinton say one thing before someone or something proves she was not being honest. Taking everything into account, the dishonesty, the health rumors, the attitude, and the absence in front of the media have taken a toll on the poll numbers.

Clinton was leading in some polls by 10 points as little as two weeks ago, but things change.

Trump surges or Clinton tanks?

Donald Trump has had his best week in a while. His meeting with the President of Mexico proved he can be Presidential. It also proved that he will lead when something needs to happen. This meeting, no matter how unimportant it really was needed to happen, and Trump made it happen.

Trump gave a speech on immigration explaining his position and thoughts. Through it all Trump has kept his base happy by reaffirming he will have the wall built along our southern border. Quite clearly Trump has a monumental task ahead of him when it comes to immigration, but again Trump reaffirms that it will be Americans first when he is President.

The polls have been changing with each new scandal about emails, lies, money, associates, the foundation, and Clinton’s health. The media is getting restless because Clinton will not have a press conference, and has not had one in nine months.

Here again it makes voters wonder why not? Instead of coddling some of them are actually covering things they ignored before.

The debates will be entertaining

The debates will be good entertainment if Trump catches Clinton in a lie, although he probably already has enough information to make her look bad. While Trump is trending toward being a better candidate, Clinton almost seems to be trending toward just mailing it in.

The question would be if enough people think she would be a good President to vote for her if she did mail it in.

Trump is now leading in the national polls, and the swing states are starting to swing his way too. The path forward to the Oval Office is straight ahead for Trump, all he has to do is walk quietly and carry a big stick as Theodore Roosevelt was known to say. Like Reagan, this has been a learning experience for Trump, he is a very good student because he is looking quite Presidential.