Tom Cotton is a Republican member of the United States Senate from Arkansas. He'd previously been a member of the United States House of Representatives from the state's 4th District, including Pine Bluff.

Cotton is generally regarded as one of the most conservative members of Congress. Early in his career, onlookers noted Cotton's clear ambitions to reach the top of American politics. And he seems to be getting closer to formally making another move in that vein.

Gathers major donors to detail his plans for a Presidential campaign

Tom Cotton recently held a gathering of dozens of major donors to discuss him possibly running for president.

According to Politico, it took place at the Hay-Adams Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Cotton says he won't make an official decision until after the 2022 midterm elections. But it's become common knowledge among political pundits that he hopes to make a presidential run in 2024. As noted by Politico, he's made several trips to Iowa and New Hampshire, traditionally the first two states to vote in the presidential nomination process.

Of course, Cotton is not the only one considering seeking the Republican presidential nomination in 2024. Others include intensely controversial former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. There are also potential contenders from the party's moderate wing.

Among them are Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and Cotton's fellow Arkansan, Asa Hutchinson, the state's sitting governor.

The Daily Mail indicates that Cotton's plans wouldn't be impacted by who else does or doesn't enter the race. He reportedly emphasized that he would not defer to others interested in joining the race, most likely inference to Trump.

Defeated a particularly prominent U.S. senator for his seat

Cotton was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2012. Mike Ross, the Democratic incumbent in the 4th District, was not running for re-election. Cotton had considered challenging Democratic U.S. Senator and Agriculture Committee Chairwoman Blanche Lincoln in 2010, eventually opting against it.

U.S. Representative John Boozman captured the Republican nomination that year and later defeated Lincoln in the general election. He has since become the ranking member of the Senate Agriculture Committee.

In 2014, Cotton would not run for re-election to the House. Instead, he had set his sights on the Senate. Cotton would handily defeat Democratic incumbent Mark Pryor in the general election. Pryor's father, David, is a political icon in Arkansas. Among other things, David Pryor served as governor of Arkansas and in both houses of the United States Congress. He eventually chaired the Senate Aging Committee. For his part, Cotton would cruise to re-election in 2020.

State House Majority Leader Bruce Westerman, also a Republican, succeeded Cotton from the 4th District.

Westerman has since become the ranking member of the House Natural Resources Committee.

Is a retired United States Army officer

In 1998, Cotton graduated from Harvard College. After attending Claremont Graduate University in California, he eventually also graduated from Harvard Law School. Following this, Cotton clerked for U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Jerry Edwin Smith. Afterward, Cotton practiced law with firms including Gibson Dunn before joining the U.S. Army.

Cotton completed courses at the Officer Candidate School, Ranger School, and Airborne School. He would be deployed to serve in both the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan. He received a Bronze Star and the Combat Infantryman Badge, among other decorations.

Ultimately, Cotton retired from the Army, holding the rank of captain. Before going into politics, he worked with the management consulting firm McKinsey & Company.