Once upon a time, Bill Walker managed to accomplish something that few others have. Successfully reach a high political office in the United States as an Independent.

He would serve as the governor of Alaska. The state in question might make his achievement slightly less surprising. It was not the first time that an Alaskan politician would reach a powerful office via unconventional methods. However, he was less successful in his next election bid. But it seems that he's ready and willing to give it another try.

Officially launches 2022 gubernatorial campaign

Bill Walker is running to reclaim the governorship of Alaska. Once again, he's running as an Independent. His chosen potential lieutenant governor is former Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner Heidi Drygas.

In 2014, Walker was elected governor over the Republican incumbent, Sean Parnell. Though, to put it in context, he had formed an alliance with the Democratic Party. It came after polling indicated many voters were split between Walker and the Democratic nominee. In that case, former Juneau and Yakutat Mayor Byron Mallott. With the agreed alliance, Mallott dropped his gubernatorial bid. But Walker would choose him as his lieutenant governor.

The ploy would work and Walker won the general election. However, by the time of the 2018 election, things had changed. A scandal-ridden Mallott had would resign as lieutenant governor that year. And the Democratic Party opted not to throw their weight behind Bill Walker again. Instead of choosing to back their own nominee in former U.S.

Senator and Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich.

Polling showed Walker in a very distant third place behind Begich and Republican State Senator Mike Dunleavy. Less than three weeks before Election Day, Walker dropped out of the race. Dunleavy would go on to defeat Begich.

It was not the first time that Walker was unsuccessful in a gubernatorial race.

In 2010, he challenged incumbent Governor Parnell in the Republican primary. Parnell would handily win the nomination.

This time around, Dunleavy has already announced that he's running for re-election. At this point, he's heavily favored to win re-election. According to the Anchorage Daily News and Yahoo, the Dunleavy campaign isn't surprised by Walker's announcement. No Democrat has formally launched a 2022 gubernatorial campaign in Alaska. But at least one has formed an exploratory committee. In addition, at least one Libertarian has also entered the race.

Walker is a former mayor

Bill's father, Ed, was a noted World War II veteran. His mother, Frances, helped construct what is now the Alaska Highway.

The family would suffer heavy property losses due to the "Great Alaskan earthquake" of 1964.

The younger Walker's first elected office was as a city councilman. He served as a member of the council for the Pacific Ocean-side city of Valdez, Alaska. Eventually, he was elected as its mayor. He was succeeded in the office by future Alaska Lieutenant Governor Steve McAlpine.