Claudette carries with its predictions of heavy rains and high-speed winds along portions of the Northern Gulf Coast. National Hurricane Center NHC identified this as the third named storm in the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season. NHC has advised via a social media platform about the location of the storm Claudette. The agency was also informed about the probable direction it would follow. The wind speeds would be around 45 mph. It also added that a National Ocean Service station recently recorded maximum winds of 39 mph with a gust to 46 mph. Such climatic conditions could damage infrastructures like bridges, roads, and electric supply networks.

Fox News reports that Claudette could initially weaken to a tropical depression by Saturday night. Subsequently, it could convert into a post-tropical cyclone on Sunday. Later, it could convert into a tropical storm over the western Atlantic Ocean. There would be heavy rainfall and flash floods in some regions. These could be life-threatening, cut off communication, and pose travel difficulties.

Storm Claudette could bring flash floods to the Gulf Coast

Regions in the Gulf Coast felt the effects of the storm. There are instances of roads submerged in water, vehicles stranded in different places, and rescue of people trapped in the water or remote locations. The authorities maintain a close watch over the situation with flood warnings and watches in place for a widespread tropical storm.

It would disturb normal lives. Fox News adds about five to ten inches of rainfall, with some isolated areas receiving up to 15 inches across the central Gulf Coast. The NHC has also cautioned about a few tornadoes and has issued necessary warnings. The intention is to keep the people informed about the situation. That would enable them to be prepared and not be caught unawares.

Heatwaves are beating down on the Southwest and the western parts of the United States. Simultaneously, tropical storm Dolores threatens Mexico. Obviously, everyone has to exercise caution to ensure safety.

The tropical storm reduced to a tropical depression

According to CNN, the tropical storm Claudette has reduced to a tropical depression.

However, it is continuing to dump rain. As a result, it threatens to add to the flooding. Moreover, it has spawned a tornado that devastated a community in southern Alabama. Forecasters expect more twisters that could affect the lives and properties of residents. The NHC has mapped the probable route of the storm that could move into the western Atlantic Ocean on Monday. There could be dangerous flash floods because of storm Claudette. The flash floods could uproot trees, dump debris on the roads, and disrupt travel plans.

Homes flooded due to the storm

CNN reports about floods across coastal Mississippi and Alabama apart from the western Florida Panhandle. Floodwaters entered homes. As a resident says: "There's about 6 inches still in the garage, and maybe about 2 to 3 standing (in) parts of the house." Even streets and yards are under floodwaters.

Some of the residents took advance action in preparation for the storm. These included moving their cars to higher ground. Others kept sandbags and tarps ready. In such situations, they should keep provisions of renewable energy. That would ensure the availability of electricity in case of power failure.