During the early part of the 21st Century, Rudy Giuliani was widely referred to as 'America's Mayor.' His response to the 9/11 attacks in New York City was highly-praised. Time Magazine named him Person of the Year in 2001. He even got an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II in the United Kingdom.

More recently, he's been acting in theory as President Donald Trump's personal lawyer. And while Giuliani still has a following, his erratic behavior has altered many views of him in recent years. Including him recently leading events that could easily be superspreader events of COVID-19.

He may now be experiencing the potential consequences of this firsthand.

Admitted to hospital with COVID-19

Rudy Giuliani has contacted the Coronavirus. The news was announced by Donald Trump, followed by Giuliani himself. Both of them made posts about it on social media.

Not many details about Giuliani's condition have been made public to this point. But he had reportedly been admitted to Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC.

Giuliani, who said he was 'getting great care,' is considered a higher risk for threats posed by COVID-19. He is a cancer survivor and is well over 70 years old. Both of these would make him thought to be more vulnerable to severe problems from the virus. However, it should be noted that it's been deadly for people of various age ranges and health histories.

As documented by the Associated Press, Giuliani had recently been traveling to various locations around the country. His itinerary had already been intensely controversial due to the goal of his trips to be overturning the widely-accepted result of the 2020 United States Presidential election. It was made even more of a hot button subject because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In which traveling and gatherings are supposed to be strictly limited. One of Giuliani's recent events included meeting with members of the Arizona State Legislature. After news of Giuliani's condition broke, the legislature shut down its activities for at least this week.

Giuliani's son, Andrew, a White House staffer, was also recently diagnosed with COVID-19.

The two Giuliani's had appeared together at a press conference shortly before Andrew's positive test result. During the event, the elder Giuliani appeared physically unwell while making several bizarre claims about the election. It's currently unclear if Rudy and Andrew Giuliani's cases are directly connected.

Was the mayor of New York City for two terms

Giuliani was an official in the administration of President Ronald Reagan. First, as US associate attorney general. Later, as the US attorney for the Southern District of New York.

He first ran for mayor in 1989, backed by both the Republican Party and the Liberal Party of New York. He lost to the Democratic candidate, Manhattan Borough President David Dinkins.

In a 1993 re-match, Giuliani would prevail. He was re-elected in 1997.

Giuliani was term-limited from running for another term consecutively. Instead, he ran for a seat in the US Senate but withdrew from the campaign after his cancer diagnosis. He also made an unsuccessful run at the 2008 Republican Presidential nomination.