During his campaign in 2016, Donald Trump had promised to build the Mexico border wall. He indicated that Mexico would finance it, but that did not materialize. Trump is also not getting a second term in the White House. Hence, Joe Biden would now call the shots. It seems he wants to halt the construction of the wall once he takes over. The portion of the wall already built would remain. The Trump administration has spent $15 billion on various activities related to the wall on a rough estimate. These include reinforcing some areas and constructing bollard fencing.

Henry Cuellar, Democrat from Texas, said voters who did not cast their votes for Trump were those who opposed the border wall. In his words: "It was a referendum on the wall."

Daily Mail U.K. reveals that Cuellar represents Texas's region from San Antonio to the border between the U.S. and Mexico. He has always been against the administration's budget maneuvers to arrange finance from military funds to build the wall. Joe Biden is the president-elect. During his campaign, he had vowed to stop the border wall project. On the other hand, Donald Trump had visions of a wall that would be unscalable.

Work on the border wall would not continue

Those who support Donald Trump look at the border wall as a deterrent to "illegal activities" from across the border.

These pertain to smuggling and illegal immigrants. Daily Mail U.K. says the Trump administration has added only 12 miles of the new wall and upgraded some portions. Before Election Day, an official said completion of 450 miles of the border wall would happen by the end of 2020. President-elect Joe Biden indicated that he would not dismantle the new construction but would shelve the plan and have a relook at refugees' related issues.

Ecological disaster due to the border wall

According to NBC News, the Mexico border wall is destroying the ecology of the regions. In March, the construction crews devastated the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. This happens to be an ecological reserve on the Arizona-Mexico border. The wall displaced century-old cacti and cut off migratory paths of wildlife like jaguars and wolves.

In short, it affected the ecological balance. There was opposition to the wall in Arizona. It resulted in protests, road blockades, and even tear-gassing last month. Environmental activists and conservationists expect the new administration of Joe Biden to reverse the policies.

Extension of the border wall, not environment friendly

The Trump administration took certain decisions during the past four years that were not environment friendly. People pin their hopes on Biden. During the campaign, Biden pledged to stop the border wall. NBC News quotes Nat Mund saying: "Vice President Biden ran on a platform of strong environmental protections, strong commitment to combating climate change and a strong commitment to improving environmental justice." Mund is the director of federal affairs at the nonprofit Southern Environmental Law Center.

He adds that the team of Biden, the president-elect, need to work to advance those causes. Incidentally, the wall's cost would be around $15 billion, most of it diverted from military funds. The government was on a record shutdown in January 2019 because of the border wall.