Increasing violence and food insecurity in Mozambique's Cabo Delgado province have leftover 300,000 persons displaced and completely dependent on the assistance of humanitarian forces, according to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). Residents have fled their villages and homes, abandoning their crops, due to the precarious situation.

Antonella D'Aprile, WFP Representative for Mozambique, expressed a deep concern for the people of Cabo Delgado as many lose access to their food and livelihoods.

WFP expressed hunger & COVID-19 concerns

As Cabo Delgado holds the second-highest rate of chronic malnutrition in Mozambique, the province faces an increased threat of hunger due to food and income losses.

"Crisis" levels of food insecurity (IPC Phase 3) could impact communities into early 2021, suggest recent findings from the famine early warning system (FEWSNET).

Women and children could be particularly affected by any added blows, the WFP warned.

Major displacement of the province's population resulting from increasing conflict and food concerns could also hasten the spread of the coronavirus, as the province also holds the second-highest record of cases in the country.

Resources needed urgently

Monthly funding of $ 4.7 million will be required to help those who have been displaced within the region, said an official WFP news release. If unable to acquire the needed funds, the organization will have to decrease food rations by December.

In spite of operational difficulties, the WFP aims at assisting 310,000 persons monthly in three provinces, including Cabo Delgado with food, nutrition, and vouchers. The organization will be partnering with the government to achieve this goal.

WFP reported the province's history of violence

Attacks by Non-State Armed Groups have afflicted Cabo Delgado since 2017, leading to the progressive displacement of groups who have retreated to other provinces to escape violence.

These attacks have led to damaged infrastructure, exacerbating preexisting damages caused by 2019 cyclone Kenneth, and fatalities. These issues have made the quest for access to the needy difficult. The COVID-19 pandemic has also complicated the process, D’Aprile suggested.

The regionalization of the conflict has increased concern in the international community, the WFP stated, as almost a thousand refugees have traversed into Tanzania, which borders the Cabo Delgado.

Several social media users are doing their part to spread the word about the growing issue. One Twitter user, who also took part in the conversation, summarized her thoughts on the crisis in one word: "worrying."