The sturdy stand that Donald Trump had taken against face masks as a method to prevent the spread of Coronavirus seems to have fizzled out. There is growing evidence that the pandemic is transforming into an unimaginable threat to America. Those in the know say the face mask should become a part of the dress code. It is to be considered as the first line of defense.

Until now, Trump probably believed that covering the face with a mask was for those who want to conceal their identities intentionally for whatever reasons. However, because of the upsurge in infections and deaths, he appears to have had a rethinking, and he has admitted this to a popular media outlet.

It seems the President has accepted the fact that wearing a mask to ward off the evils of the pandemic was not a part of any political act but a gesture of humanity. It meant oneness with the masses.

CNN says the President claimed in an interview that he was "all for masks" and added that he had worn them on special occasions. These were mostly in small groups where it was not possible to go in for social distancing. Observers see this as a signal to his supporters. His target was possibly the conservative Southern states who frown upon masks and where coronavirus is becoming more active.

Donald Trump wants to be different

The President had to accept the necessity of donning the face mask finally.

In the opinion of experts, wearing a face-covering is one of the most effective ways to combat the pandemic. The disease began its journey from Wuhan in China, and it has left its footprints in practically every country. These are in the form of deaths, which will continue unless someone discovers a vaccine. The rate of infection depends on the seriousness assigned to this contagious disease.

Donald Trump probably realizes the clinical and electoral damage from a virus that is gradually going out of control. Therefore, he is on a rethink mission.

CNN elaborates on the issue of face masks and the President.

He was seen on several occasions minus any such protection in spite of others around him wearing the masks. He intended to create an impression that the worst phase of coronavirus was over and America was on the road to normalcy. However, his actions left him isolated even in his party. Incidentally, public health officials and local and state leaders, irrespective of political affiliations, have asked the people to don face masks. That way, the country can heal itself.

Isolated crusade of Donald Trump against masks

Dr. Anthony Fauci is the top infectious disease specialist in the government. He cautioned that new coronavirus infections in the United States could soon reach 100,000 daily. CNN suggests that the mask movement will now become unstoppable.

In the opinion of Dr. Fauci, the aggressive state openings championed by the President seems to have backfired. This is because people discarded the masks and made a beeline for bars to celebrate. Several of his top aides are worried about his reelection prospects. One of his advisers described him as "frustrated" by recent polling that indicates Joe Biden could win the November election by a wide margin.

Masks make Donald Trump look like the Lone Ranger

According to The BBC, President Donald Trump held a view that face masks are not a mandatory fit to arrest the spread of COVID-19.

He predicted that it would not be there for long, but the sudden spurt in virus cases forced him to reconsider his stand. He now says he is "all for masks," and adds they give him the look of the Lone Ranger. Johns Hopkins University is tracking the pandemic, and it indicates infection in millions and death in thousands in the United States During the forthcoming Independence Day celebration on July 3 at Mount Rushmore, the audience need not don face masks or maintain social distancing.

At one point in time, Donald Trump suggested fighting the disease with a combination of disinfectant and UV light. A recent poll revealed that in the last week, 89 percent of Americans said they wore a mask or face covering outside their home in the previous week. That was a 20-point increase from mid-April, and it is a positive sign that there is a growing realization among the people on this aspect.