The concept of one-way sidewalks to help residents get used to social distancing is a welcome change. Such a measure will help to avoid contracting Coronavirus. Credit for this goes to the police in Beverly.

They want locals who walk in opposite directions along one of the bustling streets to use separate sidewalks. That will ensure that they do not come in contact with others. In short, pedestrians must cultivate the habit of walking against traffic. Those who fail to comply might have to shell out a fine.

The authorities are serious about this because the state of Massachusetts is already under a stay-at-home order.

It is making all-out efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 and Beverly has more than 2,100 cases.

Daily Mail UK says Beverly Police Chief John LeLacheur is worried. A section of the locals is ignoring the orders to stay at home. They continue to go outdoors for doing exercises and there are crowds that do not help the cause.

He explained to a section of the media – “In monitoring the area, we noticed there was a tremendous amount of foot traffic and people walking into each other.” That triggered the concept of the one-way sidewalk. It provides ample scope for people to maintain the required social distancing necessary to ward off the evil.

Social distancing can fight coronavirus

Coronavirus is a highly contagious disease and the mere touch of an infected person can prove to be catastrophic. A handshake or a hug is a no-no because physical contact with outsiders is taboo.

There has to be a minimum distance maintained. The result is isolation with the stoppage of all outdoor activities.

In view of the need for social distancing, employees have to work from home.

Moreover, cinema halls, stadiums, and even places of worship are closed. There is the postponement of major sports events, which will require rescheduling, based on developments.

On the subject of one-way sidewalk in Beverly, Daily Mail UK makes mention of the efforts to raise awareness.

Multiple posters have come up to inform the locals about the changes. These posters are located at vantage points. In the opinion of Beverly Police Chief LeLacheur, the residents are complying and the feedback is positive.

The advice of the Center For Disease Control and Prevention is clear. Maintaining a distance of at least six feet apart from one another could retard the spread of the disease. This has led to lifestyle changes. Grocery stores are preventing crowds by restricting the number of customers allowed inside their premises. Some have made provisions of staggered lines outside as the customers wait for their turn to enter.

Tackle coronavirus through one-way sidewalks

According to Boston 25 News, the one-way sidewalks would help to enforce social distancing which is essential to keep people safe and healthy from coronavirus.

Some grocery stores have one-way aisles for shoppers and the police in Beverly have introduced something similar on a popular stretch of road along the beach.

The new rule is displayed prominently and it wants residents to use the sidewalk facing vehicle traffic. Those who do not abide by the rule would face a fine. There is already a stay-at-home advisory, but this stretch continues to be popular with the locals. Hence, the need arose for something special like the one-way sidewalks.

The fight against coronavirus

The disease that originated in China is still an unknown entity. It does not have a cure and since it spreads from human touch, the only solution is to avoid the same. Coronavirus forced people to master the art of social distancing.

They have to remain far away from crowded places and cinema halls. As a result, many venues of entertainment have downed their shutters.

Cruise ships remain stranded at sea, flights are grounded and Travel of all sorts have taken a beating. Live streaming of funerals and weddings are becoming more common because of coronavirus.