Famous Dutch beauty influencer NikkieTutorials has lambasted talk show host Ellen DeGeneres shortly after she made an appearance on the long-running Hollywood talk show ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ in January. The lifestyle guru said that the moment she walked onto the set, it was clearly evident that she was being treated differently in comparison to the show's regular guests. She went on to make a comparison between ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ and ‘Teletubbies after dark.’

In early 2020, Nikkie made the announcement and revealed to her fans that she is a transgender and sometime after that, she got an invitation to come as a guest on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’ Nikkie's followers know that meeting Ellen DeGeneres and coming on her show has been one of her biggest dreams.

But things didn't go as Nikkie had planned in her head because she alleges that she was utterly disappointed by the treatment she was given by the show's staff.

Nikkie's treatment on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

In a recent interview that the 26-year-old makeup guru did with a highly famous Dutch publication called &C Magazine, she opened up about her treatment on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’ According to Nikkie, she had initially expected that the show's staff would welcome her with things like confetti. However, they instead sent an overworked angry intern to welcome her on the set. She had also mentioned that she thought it would be like a Disney show, but what she got was like ‘Teletubbies after dark.’

Nikkie also said to the Dutch publication that she was very disheartened by the fact that Ellen didn't even welcome her properly to the show with a hello.

She says that her treatment on the show was quite different from what most other guests get as she wasn't even given VIP handling. Most of the guests at the show are provided a private toilet, however, Nikkie wasn't given one because the toilet that was located nearest to her dressing room was booked for the Jonas Brothers.

The famous beauty YouTuber was left so much irritated by the crew's treatment that she thought to herself she should have instead given an interview to the popular American-Dutch television presenter, Eva Jinek. Nikkie also advised her fans to never meet their idols in real life.

Ellen criticized by her staff for no communication about their salaries amid the pandemic

The 62-year-old talk show host was recently in the news a lot because her staff started bashing her for reducing communication with them about their salaries as the show has temporarily canceled its production amid the coronavirus pandemic. As per credible news reports, Ellen's primary stage crew, which comprises of about 30 people, has received absolutely ‘no communication’ regarding important things such as salaries and working hours for more than a month now.

Her staff has also criticized Ellen DeGeneres for partnering with a non-unionized technology firm to help her broadcast her show until the actual talk show can resume production.

Her staff says that even though the senior executives involved with its day-to-day production would sometimes answer their queries, they would never reveal any helpful things about the status of their salaries.

Shortly after the show's staff made the shocking accusation, Warner Bros. Television, which is the producer of ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ said in an official statement that the crew members have been getting their salaries on time, however, at reduced hours.