Police say that Sasha Marie Krause was kidnapped and murdered in an update published by the New York Post on February 26, 2020. This update comes on the heels of reports that indicated the body of the once-missing woman was located in Arizona, approximately four hours from where she vanished in Farmington, New Mexico on January 18. Now authorities are trying to find out who victimized the young Mennonite woman.

An autopsy has been completed

After Sasha Krause's body was located near Flagstaff, Arizona, an autopsy was completed to confirm her identity.

The body that was located is indeed that of the missing woman, and her cause of death is still reportedly being determined by an examiner. Authorities have declared that she was murdered, but they aren't sharing any further details due to the sensitive nature of the investigation.

What is known at this time, is that fingerprints taken from the missing woman's body were confirmed to her records via the Texas Motor Vehicle Department. So detectives are convinced, without a doubt, that the body located in Arizona is that of Sasha Marie Krause.

Viral attention grows in Mennonite woman's disappearance

The disappearance of Sasha Marie Krause is among many Viral Stories in the news this week, due to the woman's religious affiliation and tight-knit nature of the community from where she vanished.

When she was reported missing in January, her employer and members of her community immediately sprang to action and demanded attention on her case. Multiple people who knew the missing woman have expressed that she was a woman of "great integrity," who wouldn't have ever disappeared on her own.

This story is always attracting attention due to the fact that her disappearance and murder has crossed state lines from a seemingly quiet community to another otherwise docile location.

With this case now being investigated as a murder, it's highly likely that her killer is going undetected somewhere in the Northern Arizona and New Mexico areas.

Police are looking for a killer

Who kidnapped and murdered Sasha Marie Krause? Detectives have their work cut out for them, especially with the area where she was found being so rural.

While it's very likely that investigators have a lot more information than the public on this matter, it still seems as though there aren't many clues available to lead to this woman's killer.

Statistically speaking, most victims of homicidal violence are at least acquainted with their killers. That means that there is an incredibly high chance that Sasha Krause knew her killer. On the other hand, there are certainly cases of stranger abduction, albeit rare. If the disappearance and murder of Sasha Marie Krause was committed by a total stranger, then detectives truly need to figure out who it is before another woman falls victim to their deeds.