Some people get their day started by enjoying a great cup of coffee. However, in Alberta, Canada, a man used his cup of coffee to rescue kittens that were frozen in the snow. While studies have confirmed coffee’s health benefits to humans, this man proved that with some creativity and quick thinking, coffee can be used as a life-saving substance. Grab your tissues, because this is a story of an incredible act of kindness.

Coffee used to rescue kittens in distress

On Wednesday, January 22, a Canadian oil worker named Kendall Diwisch from Alberta, was out inspecting wells near Tomahawk when he surprisingly came across 3 kittens that were abandoned.

They were likely to be a few months old. It appeared to be just another day for him, and little did he know that he would be using his coffee to rescue kittens' lives that day.

Diwisch thought that he had seen a pile of trash in the snow, but upon further investigation, he heard incessant and despairing cries from the kittens. Unfortunately, two of the three kittens' tails were frozen to the ground, rendering them immobile and helpless. He suspected that the kittens were frozen for the entire night. Thankfully, he got to them in time before they froze to death.

A heroic rescue

Diwisch acted quickly and returned to his truck to grab his cup of coffee. In an effort to melt the ice, he began to pour the warm coffee to rescue the kittens from their frozen prison.

As if by instinct, the kittens began to drink the coffee, prompting laughter from Diwisch.

Sadly, though, the amount of coffee he had didn't suffice. Therefore, they needed a little extra help. Despite their discomfort, Diwisch decided to gently pull their tails from the ice. The kittens were neither scalded nor injured during the rescue.

He then took them back to his truck and drove them home, where they were fed and warmed up. He also had them dewormed.

The video that went viral

The oil worker later posted the rescue video on Facebook, which went viral. “Poor things were frozen into the ice so they had to have been there all night,” he wrote.

In the video, he described the abandonment of the kittens in the snow as “cruel."

Diwisch's post has been shared more than 5,000 times and has received many comments praising his heroism and quick-thinking.

Finding a forever home

As if things couldn’t get any better, Diwisch said that he several offers to adopt the kittens, and shortly after, all three of them found a new home. "Cause for Critters", a local animal shelter in Drayton Valley, made an announcement in a post that the kittens were adopted by a family that is also in Drayton Valley.

Now that’s a happy ending and it is one of our favorite Viral Stories!