There are many contenders from the Democratic Party to contest the 2020 presidential election. Each of them has an agenda and they have voiced their ideas during debates. However, there is no clear frontrunner and a shock poll revealed that Michelle Obama still holds sway over the voters. The FPU-Boston Herald poll revealed that if the former FLOTUS decides to contest, she would bag 26 percent of votes in poll in the northeastern state.

The poll, held between October 9 and 13, contacted 422 likely Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire. It was done over the phone and they were questioned about their preferences.

New Hampshire happens to be one of the first in the country to vote in the Democratic Primaries. The result of the poll is significant. It goes to show that even though Michelle Obama has left the White House, she still commands the respect of voters.

Daily Mail UK points out the former FLOTUS has ruled out a run for the Oval Office. The party is worried about the ability of the top-tier Democratic candidates to pose any serious challenge to President Donald Trump at the General Election.

Democratic Party must rethink its strategies

Current front-runners are Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders.

The poll indicates that Michelle Obama could beat them hands down in New Hampshire. The first two contenders could garner 20 percent of votes and the third 15 percent while the former First Lady could capture up to 26 percent. The fact is that voters appear to be confused because there is no individual who can claim to put up a strong challenge.

There is a health scare for Sanders and Biden and Warren have their own problems. On top of that, they do not have a unified approach to issues that can appeal to the voters. Attacking each other in public harms the prospects of the Democratic Party as a whole.

Daily Mail UK mentions about the next debate.

It will feature 12 presidential contenders and the venue will be Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus. This will be the second debate with a more strict set of qualifications to make the stage. In order to win over the voters and pose a serious challenge, the leading candidates might need to sink their differences and talk in one voice on pertinent issues like healthcare, immigration, climate change etcetera.

Convincing Michelle Obama to contest

According to Newsweek, former First Lady Michelle Obama has indicated several times about her unwillingness to contest the 2020 race. She has said she does not want to be president. "Eight years is enough. It is enough," she said in March.

"We need fresh, real, clear eyes in this stuff." Later in August, she reiterated her stand. A section of Democrats feels she is the only person who could pose a threat to President Donald Trump. A recent poll revealed the preference of New Hampshire voters and it goes in favor of Michelle. The million-dollar question is – can someone convince her to reconsider her decision and pave the way for a woman to become the 46th president of the US?