A St. Louis family was terrorized by a male intruder who broke into their home at 5 a.m. on September 4, 2019. The intruder, who was armed with a gun, bound and gagged the unsuspecting family and then doused them with gasoline while threatening execution as he searched the home for money and valuables. The family members were forced to lay on top of each other and were at the mercy of the intruder until the family fought back.

Early morning in St. Louis turns into a nightmare

The homeowner, Deon Banks, 30, was able to rescue himself and four members of his family by fighting off the intruder.

Banks spoke to local media outlet Fox 2 Now and said, "He pointed the gun at all of us and made all us get on the floor on top of each other." Banks recounted the horrifying encounter, "He poured gasoline on us and searched our house and poured gasoline on us again."

A 9-year-old boy witnessed the family being victimized according to his father Lamar Conner who said, "My son is 9 and he saw the guy’s face and he said he got hair like you, I saw him pour gasoline on them." It is unclear where the unnamed child was located during the home invasion to have allegedly witnessed the crime while it was in progress.

According to Banks his home's security cameras captured the assailant forcing their way into the home which he says he turned over to St.

Louis Police investigators.

Hero homeowner fights off intruder to save family

Few details of how Banks was able to gain the upperhand against the armed intruder are known other than Banks says he fought the intruder and was able to take control of the intruder's gun. Banks said, "I started beating him up and I tried to kill him.

We were shooting at him. We took his gun and shot him." St. Louis Police are saying very little about the incident other than two people were shot inside the home while declining to confirm the identities of those who were wounded. During the struggle for life and death Banks says two family members, both cousins, were shot.

Banks says one of his cousins was shot in the stomach and another cousins was shot in the leg. Both cousins have been treated for their injuries and survived the ordeal.

A trail of blood was found leading away from the home. Collateral damage occurred as bullets fired by Banks were found to have struck neighboring homes during the struggled. The vehicle of Banks was also hit with stray bullets. No neighbors reported injuries from the wild gunfire.

Banks says he and his family do not know the identity of the intruder nor does he or his family know why their home was targeted.

St. Louis Police are actively investigating the bloody home invasion and say they currently do not have a suspect.