Donald Trump wants to buy greenland, and make it a part of the United States on the lines of Alaska. The move earned criticism and Trump canceled his visit to Denmark after the Danes refused to entertain any such proposal saying it was "absurd0." However, the fact is that Greenland is a veritable treasure house with an abundant stock of oil, natural gas, and rare earth minerals. These are waiting to be tapped once the ice recedes. The region is feeling the heat of not just global warming but also of its load of hidden natural assets. Major world powers have their sights on these.

They are eying the spoils that will be available once the ice melts and shipping lanes open up.

Daily Mail UK reports that there would be many takers and prominent among them would be the U.S., Russia, and China. These countries would like to lay claim to these riches. The Russians believe Greenland could be sitting on a huge stock of yet undiscovered oil and gas. China looks at the island as a possible source of rare earth minerals. It also could become a part of the shipping route through the Arctic to destinations in the eastern parts of America.

Tapping the resources of Greenland

The United States has had a presence in Greenland in the past, during World War II, when Nazi Germany occupied Denmark.

There was an American setup on the island consisting of radar stations and rent-free bases after the war. One of these is the Thule Air Force Base located 745 miles south of the North Pole. There were thoughts of buying it but nothing concrete happened until Donald Trump revived the subject and upset the Danes.

Daily Mail UK goes on to add that Mette Frederiksen, the Prime Minister of Denmark, labeled the idea of Trump buying Greenland an “absurd discussion” and the US President Donald Trump retorted with some unstatesmanlike comments.

He even canceled a visit to Copenhagen. However, Mette Frederiksen kept the doors open for conversation. She said – “The developments in the Arctic region calls for further cooperation between the U.S. and Greenland, the Faeroe Islands and Denmark.”

Talks were in the pipeline

According to CNN, Sen. Tom Cotton the Arkansas Republican discussed the subject with Denmark's ambassador to the US last year.

Subsequently Cotton put up the proposal to President Donald Trump. However, as things stand, it is in rough waters because Mette Frederiksen said the sale of the island was absurd. Sen. Tom Cotton still feels buying Greenland would be in the best interest of America. He has his arguments. China is trying to get a presence by acquiring the former US military base there apart from extending finance for construction of an airport. The Russians are interested in resources available there. Cotton is well versed in foreign policy and has offered his advice to the President on a number of issues related to national security. It is now a wait-and-watch policy to see how things work out.