It was yet another instance of Gun Violence. This time the city was los angeles and the identity of the gunman was Gerry Zaragoza (26). On Thursday, he went on a shooting spree across the San Fernando Valley and it left four dead with two others injured. The police lodged a manhunt and nabbed the suspect after 12 hours.

Officers of the Los Angeles Police Department took him into custody. The shooting began in the family's apartment in Canoga Park. His first targets were his parents and brother. While his father and brother died, his mother escaped with injuries.

She is in a hospital and her condition is stable.

Daily Mail UK says the suspect then opened fire at a gas station in North Hollywood. That happened within 45 minutes of the earlier shootings. There he left a woman dead and a man critically injured. The victims of the gas station are believed to be his acquaintances. However, the exact relationship was not established.

The incident came as a shock

It seems in the morning, a man who matched the description of the suspect tried to rob a man outside a bank in Canoga Park.

The family's apartment was also in the same area. Anyway, he killed another man inside a bus at about 1 PM. LAPD used their resources and expertise to arrest him from the area after a chase that lasted about 12 hours. He was in possession of a firearm and investigators are trying to find out the potential motive in the shootings.

They want to establish the sequence of events.

Daily Mail UK goes on to add that the father of the suspect worked as a carpet-cleaning technician.

He confided to his employer that Gerry Zaragoza, his son, was battling drug problems. He also did not have any inclination to work and appeared to have no motivation. The father was protective of his son. As to the mother, a neighbor described her as one who is always friendly.

Los Angeles is in a daze

According to CNN, the sudden incident of gun violence has shocked Los Angeles. The shooting left at least four people dead with two others wounded. The gunman killed his family members at their home. Then he fatally wounded a woman he knew at a gas station. Finally, he shot and killed a man on a bus before the police arrested him. Capt.

William Hayes, a senior official of LAPD admitted that there were no obvious motives for any of the killings.

He said - "We're evaluating it, we're interviewing witnesses but we can't come up with a specific answer." He gave the probable time schedule - the shootings began at about 1:20 AM in Canoga Park. That was when he shot his family members. About an hour later, he went to a gas station and shot a woman and a man who worked there. The suspect knew the former and she died in hospital. Later he attempted a robbery near an ATM at a bank and the fatal shooting on a bus. Investigators arrested him at about 2 PM.