The Democratic Party has a huge bank of hopefuls who want to deny Donald Trump a second term in office. In order to select the best candidate to contest the 2020 President election, the Democrats engaged in debates. There were certain guidelines issued and the debate went on for two days. At the end of the exercise, it was evident that California Sen. Kamala Harris was heading the list of contenders. That was proved in her subsequent fundraising drive which has been impressive. Her campaign announced Saturday, that an amount of $2 million came in within 24 hours after her debate.

Obviously, the way she spoke on various topics made an impression on the audience and they want to ensure a win for her.

CNN reports that Kamala Harris launched her bid in January and more than 63,000 people have now donated with an average amount of $30. More than half were first-time donors. This could be the result of the debate where she floored Joe Biden. He was the former vice president and the previous frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.

The debate has proved her ability

Lily Adams says, “We have momentum.” She is the communications director for Kamala Harris and in her opinion, the senator from California has the qualities necessary to contest the 2020 presidential election against present incumbent Donald Trump.

Lily Adams goes on to say that the supporters are impressed with the way Kamala Harris tackled the debate and dwelt on issues that are dear to the common man.

On the subject of fundraising, CNN indicated that Harris’ campaign made considerable gains in the first four voting states: Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina.

One political analyst praised the “masterful” debate performance, and added, “A star was born.” Even a pollster from the opposite camp agreed that Kamala Harris dominated in all the areas and was the “most memorable” of the candidates on stage. As to fundraising, in April the Harris camp had raised $12 million while Vermont Sen.

Bernie Sanders reported $18.2 million. Joe Biden entered the race in April and has recently revealed that his campaign may have raised nearly $20 million.

The debate was the party's most-watched show

According to ABC 13, NBC hosted the Democratic Party debates spread over two days. The network says Thursday's event where Kamala Harris spoke was the party's most-watched ever. Her appearance that night was widely acclaimed. Her exchange with former Vice President Joe Biden over his civil rights record made headlines. That brought her instant recognition as someone who can be firm when required and, in turn, opened the floodgates of donations. Incidentally, she is in her 50s and hails from a family of immigrants from India and Jamaica. She is a first-term senator from California. The campaign is in its early stages and no one can predict the outcome but her supporters would want to see her win.