Financier Jeffrey Epstein was denied bail by a judge on Thursday over sex trafficking charges, as prosecutors alleged that Epstein is a danger to the public and may flee the country if he was given bail. This ruling means Epstein will stay behind bars as he fights charges alleging he exploited dozens of girls in New York and Florida in the 2000s.

U.S. District Judge Richard Berman said that any bail could overcome the threat that he was to the community. The defense argued that Epstein should be able to await trial inside his $77 million Manhattan mansion.

Epstein's defense team said he wouldn't run and was willing to put up a fortune as collateral.

Jeffrey Epstein seen as a threat to intimidate witnesses

The government's case is getting stronger against Epstein as more women come forward alleging he sexually abused them when they were minors. One of his accusers pleaded with the judge to keep him behind bars.

Law enforcement previously raided Epstein's mansion and discovered piles of cash and diamonds, as well as a passport with a fake name in a locked safe. The defense alleged that Epstein obtained that passport out of fear that as a Jew he might be kidnapped in the Middle East. Prosecutors also alleged that Epstein was a threat to influence witnesses, after discovering he paid $350,000 to two people.

Jeffrey Epstein received a cushy plea deal in 2008 thanks to Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta

This was revealed after the Miami Herald broke the details of his state court conviction in 2008, which led to him receiving a 13-month jail term and a plea deal that allowed him to avoid federal prosecution. This deal was overseen by former Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, who resigned after facing massive criticism for making this deal.

Jeffrey Epstein has pleaded not guilty to allegations that he sexually abused dozens of underage girls between 2002 and 2005 in Florida. According to the judge, Epstein was denied bail because he missed several required sex-offender check-ins, the explicit photos found at his home and the strong testimony from the two women who allege Epstein abused them as children.

Law enforcement arrested Epstein on July 6, at New Jersey's Teterboro Airport and was charged with sex trafficking girls from 2002 to 2005. The case has drawn massive attention because of his ties to high profile influential people including former President Bill Clinton and President Donald Trump.

One of the accusers' attorney Sigrid McCawley called the denial of bail a major victory and that only by taking away the freedom of Jeffrey Epstein can they restore the freedom of his victims. These victims have been living in fear and intimidation.