Following a February 2017 ruling by the Florida Supreme Court President Donald Trump had been added to a list of witnesses for a trial in a Palm Beach lawsuit. Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire pedophile, is scheduled to go against a Fort Lauderdale attorney who represents Epstein’s victims – the trial is set for this summer.

Unlikely Trump will have to appear

Now that he is president, it is unlikely Trump will be asked to appear in court. President Trump's name was placed on the witness list in August 2016. Trump is identified as an individual with information about the allegations against Epstein.

However, Trump's testimony may help in this case because he is considered a high-profile person who is known to have had a relationship with Epstein between 2001-2007. That may have exposed Trump to what was going on at Epstein's Palm Beach, FL home, at the time.

Jeffrey Epstein a registered sex offender

Court papers filed by West Palm Beach, FL attorney, Jack Scarola, say that Epstein conducted a child molestation sex scheme from his home in Palm Beach, illegally recruiting more than 40 underage girls – some girls were only 12-years-old. Scarola filed a statement of undisputed facts that said Epstein would use his victims and household staff to help him recruit more underage girls. Victims and members of his staff were paid $200-$300 cash for every recruit.

Trump's involvement in this scheme was not mentioned by Scarola.

The disgrace that being involved with a notorious politically connected sexual criminal brings to anyone, most of all the president of the U.S., is very damaging. Adding to this uncomfortable, untimely disgrace is then-Miami U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta. Acosta was accused of violating the rights of several underage victims by not disclosing the terms of a plea bargain.

This made it impossible for any of the victims to object.

Acosta is President Trump's nominee for Secretary of Labor. He will more than likely be asked about his handling of Epstein at his Senate confirmation hearing.