Bernie Sanders was a surprise contender for the 2016 democratic nomination for president. He finished second to Hillary Clinton that year. He was the voice of the progressives during that campaign.

This upcoming primary season is a lot more crowded than in 2016. That year Bernie and Hillary were running for election. This year, more candidates are running and Bernie Sanders has more competition because he is not the progressive leading candidate in the race.

Bernie Sanders is now tied for third place with Kamala Harris. He is trailing the front runners Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.

Joe Biden is more status quo while Elizabeth Warren is more progressive. He actually trails Warren in the polls amongst the candidates who are campaigning for whole scale changes in government.

Bernie Sanders on the Meet the Press

On Sunday, Bernie Sanders was on the show "Meet the Press with Chuck Todd." He was asked about the current strife between the freshman congress and Nancy Pelosi. This has made national headlines in the past week. You can see the interview here:

Sanders believes that Nancy Pelosi is being too tough on the freshman class. He applauds their effort to get working-class citizens interested in the Democratic Party. The argument between Nancy Pelosi and the freshman congress mainly consists of more progressive politicians who all won their elections on the coattails of Bernie Sanders during the last election cycle.

Bernie Sanders states that America needs a political revolution. Sanders is a long-time socialist and has never been shy about his political views. He believes that he is the candidate that has been a consistent proponent of political revolution.

Bernie Sanders reaction to Joe Biden's criticism

Joe Biden criticized candidates who supported Medicare for all.

His stance is to support the current healthcare system known as Obamacare. Bernie Sanders supports medicare for all.

Sanders accused Biden of misinformation during his attack on medicare for all. Biden's attack included the gap in coverage while the United States was transitioning to medicare for all. Sanders believes that Biden is taking the same stance that Republicans and wrongly accusing the supporters of Medicare for all of creating a gap in coverage.

Bernie Sanders denies that there will be a gap in coverage. His plan for Medicare for all will transition over a four year period. This would offer continuing coverage for all Americans.

He was actually taken aback by Joe Biden's attack. He would expect this from republicans but not a fellow democrat. Biden is trying to win an election like Sanders, and he must distinguish himself from the other candidates. The whole point of a political campaign.

Sanders states that the whole purpose of his proposal is to lower healthcare costs in America. His plan will reduce the likelihood that someone who suffers from a major health issue having to go bankrupt to pay for healthcare. His plan will give coverage to everyone within four years and will prevent the financial hardship that happens within the current healthcare system.

Campaign trail with Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders defended his campaign against attacks from Joe Biden. Biden attacked his stance om Medicare for all. Sanders stated his position would not cause a gap in coverage. He accused of Biden using Republican stances in his argument. He also stated that his plan would help protect Americans in their ability to afford payment for medical issues or procedures.

He also endorsed the new class of freshman politicians against their attack from Nancy Pelosi. Sanders stated that Pelosi was being too tough on his fellow Democrats. He was encouraged by their struggle to get working-class citizens interested in the Democratic Party and applauded their efforts.