US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will be on a state visit to the UK from June 3 to June 5. There were controversies on the subject and last July there were public protests when the president visited London. However, things quietened down and a State Visit is on the cards. Such a visit has special significance because the Queen, based on advice from the government, normally extends it. Occasions of this nature are not just ceremonial affairs but are useful for the government to carry forward its agendas in the national interest.

The BBC reports that it is usual for the Queen to receive a limited number of heads of state every year and Donald Trump will only be the third US president to make such a state visit. Incidentally, during her tenure, she has met all the US presidents. During the state visit, the guests usually stay in Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle. However, the former is at present under renovation. Hence, the organizers will have to make some alternate arrangement.

Schedule of the visit

It will begin with a ceremonial welcome and the Queen will be there.

The venue will be the Buckingham Palace gardens. After the initial program, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, will join in. The occasion will be a private lunch at the palace. However, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, will not be attending. She is recuperating after giving birth to her son Archie. Later, in the evening, there will be a state banquet in the palace ballroom.

The participants will be senior members of the Royal family and other important public figures.

The BBC continues with the schedule for the second day. The program will consist of a business breakfast hosted by Donald Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May.

The US president will then visit Downing Street for talks with May, followed by the joint press conference. Indications are that the British Prime Minister could step down on June 7. The visit is set to conclude on June 5 when Donald Trump will attend an event to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. The Queen and Prince Charles will also be present.

Trump could ruffle some feathers

According to CNN, President Donald Trump has shown an interest in the current power struggle and the changed scenario in British politics. He has lavished praise on Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage as well as prime ministerial hopeful Boris Johnson. He has even dropped hints that he might meet them during his state visit.

Incidentally, he has already congratulated Farage on his performance in the recent EU elections and added that Boris Johnson is one of his friends. Trump made these comments while interacting with reporters at the White House. Comments of this nature might ruffle some feathers in the UK.