The state visit of Donald Trump to Britain is now on and the authorities are busy making necessary preparations but it seems the guests might have to stay at a location other than Buckingham Palace. This is because of large-scale renovation work undertaken in the premises since portions of the crumbling building posed health and safety risks. Aides have clarified that “there was no snub intended” because the renovation work started much before the concept of a state visit came up.

New Zealand Herald reports that the normal procedures of a state visit would involve Buckingham Palace during the stay of the guests in London.

The itinerary includes a lunch with the Queen and other senior royals and other formalities. However, outdoor programs will be limited to bare essentials to ensure that there is no disruption by outsiders. There will be no open-topped carriage drive down to Buckingham Palace. President Barack Obama also opted out of that, citing security concerns and the same logic holds good for Donald Trump.

Efforts are being made for a pleasant stay

Non-availability of Buckingham Palace for house Donald Trump and Melania means they might have to stay at the palatial London home of the US Ambassador.

They stayed there last summer during a brief visit. The schedule prepared by the organizers is such that President Trump remains inside the royal residence most of the time. That way he would be able to maintain a distance from crowds and potential demonstrators. As to the pomp and ceremony associated with the welcome, there could be a guard of honor.

When it comes to special menus, there will be special attention paid to “the likes of the fast-food-loving American leader.”

On the subject of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, New Zealand Herald says they might not be able to attend the banquet in honor of President Trump because at that time they would be new parents with a month-old baby.

Remembering 75th anniversary of D-Day

According to the Mirror UK, the US President and First Lady Melania Trump will be on a state visit to the UK from June 3-5 and will be present for the D-Day anniversary. The guests will not be staying in the Buckingham Palace where massive renovation work is going on. However, all official programs like lunches and state banquets will take place there. The organizers will remember that last year there were protests against Trump during his visit and this time they obviously prepare for more.

One of his scheduled programs is to attend a grand military spectacle in commemoration of D-Day. The venue of this is Portsmouth and it will be on June 5. Hundreds of D-Day veterans will get a naval gun salute as they sail across the channel to France to mark the anniversary of the Normandy landings. It will be a grand spectacle with thousands of troops, dozens of WWII warplanes, and an armada of naval vessels.