The Tornado struck the city of Trotwood, just outside Dayton. It happened at around midnight Monday before it moved through the state. It is a “large and dangerous” tornado and left behind a trail of destruction accompanied by widespread damage and injuries. The National Weather Service issued warning to residents cautioning them to remain in the safety of their homes because it passed through heavily populated areas. The path of the tornado crossed over Interstate 75 and cleanup crews had to remove the debris from the roads to ensure traffic flow was not disturbed.

Daily Mail UK reports there was debris strewn all over the place, some were lifted high up in the air due to the force of the climatic disturbance. Videos have surfaced showing the extent of damages with trees uprooted and power lines down. Authorities deputed their reps to go around and check for people trapped in their homes because police scanners indicated injuries to people. They needed attention on priority.

Tornado leaves the area in tatters

The damages included the steeple of a church that snapped off and landed in the car park.

There were people in the church at the time. They had taken shelter there and included children. Many houses in the neighborhood suffered heavy damages. Thousands of homes did not have power and the authorities had a tough time to clear the debris from the roads in the middle of the night. There were many damaged vehicles along the road and the darkness coupled with lack of power aggravated their problems.

Daily Mail UK adds thunderstorms followed the tornado that struck Dayton. The weather service issued several tornado warnings for nearby cities and cautioned the people to remain vigilant and not let the guard down as the night progressed.

Sheriff Rob Streck of Montgomery County requested people to avoid the roads in areas affected by the storm because the connectivity of many of the roads was bad due to damages. The devastation in Ohio comes in the wake of tornadoes in Missouri and Oklahoma.

Life in Dayton disturbed

According to NBC News, the tornado that struck Dayton, Ohio, resulted in damages in the north of the city. The climatic disturbance left thousands of customers without power and utilities. The Ohio Department of Transportation had to deploy snowplows to clean the highway of debris. Trotwood Mayor Mary McDonald informed a section of the media about the evacuation of several apartment complexes because of fears of gas explosions.

She also informed that power lines were down across the city. Therefore, residents must conserve water because the loss of power could affect some services. In March, a tornado had struck Alabama and left many dead.