Tornadoes that struck Lee County in Alabama on Sunday left at least 23 people dead with possibilities of a rise in the numbers. Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones said the roads are littered with debris everywhere and the trail of destruction covers a large area. Rescue efforts are on and with many persons believed to be missing, the correct situation can emerge only later.

The Guardian reports the local Medical Center in Alabama confirmed receiving more than 40 patients and they expect more arrivals because of the tornado. The county coroner added that formal identification of the victims has to be done.

Sheriff Jones agreed that the huge volume of debris scattered all around is posing problems for rescue. He confided to a section of the media - “It’s the most I’ve seen that I can recall.”

Rescue was on top of the agenda

Those associated with rescue work in Alabama had to continue search operations before darkness fell and the conditions deteriorated. Access to many homes was cut off due to the tornadoes and with the help of firetrucks, some victims were removed from danger zones where ambulances could not reach.

The Guardian goes on to add that some areas remained inaccessible raising fears of a rise in the death toll. The tornadoes resulted from a severe weather system and President Donald Trump urged people in the region to stay safe. In his words, such climatic disorders “were truly violent and more could be coming.”

The tornadoes have paralyzed lives and damaged the infrastructure.

Thousands of customers are without power, and there are apprehensions that temperatures could nosedive to near freezing overnight. Those who do not have electricity will have to go in for some alternatives in Renewable Energy to stay warm.

Tornadoes with high-speed winds lashed Alabama

According to Daily Mail UK, at least two tornadoes with wind speeds between 136mph and 165mph struck Lee County, Alabama, and the coroner confirmed the death of at least 23 people.

Initial information suggests the destruction of single-family homes and mobile homes with some properties reduced to skeletons. The infrastructure has also suffered damage with uprooted trees and electric poles that have disturbed communication links.

The authorities have roped in drones installed with heat-seeking devices to locate survivors lying trapped in the debris. One trained canine has also been brought in to assist the rescue teams.