Despite the winter storm, former Vice President Joe Biden paid his respects to Rep. John Dingell. Biden said that those who study his work will always know they are better off because he lived. CNN reported that Biden said that Dingell was a man who stood firm "on the right side of history," even if that meant standing alone.

Dignitaries, colleagues, and friends all paid their respects, to the longest-serving member of Congress, at the Church of the Divine Child. John Dingell spent his 59-year service as a member of Congress from the presidency of Dwight Eisenhower to Barack Obama.

Dingle passed away Thursday at 92.

Members of Congress flight forced to return to Washington

The Washington Post reported that hazardous weather conditions forced a plane carrying members of Congress to return to Washington after being directed to circle Detroit for an hour. Hundreds braved the icy conditions to honor the life of a Democratic legend who was a key figure in passing legislation throughout his nearly 59 years of political service.

John Dingell served as chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee and worked to ensure clean air and water, safer food and healthcare, for Americans.

He also championed the American auto industry, which employed thousands in his district. Dingell was instrumental in passing a good deal of legislation including; Medicare, The Clean Water Act, The Clean Air Act, The Endangered Species Act, and The Affordable Care Act.

John Dingell served the people not special interests

Biden applauded Dingell's dignity.

He said Dingell recognized and respected the dignity of every man and woman he encountered and that Dingell knew "public service wasn't a title you wear but a shift that you work, like everybody else.” Dingell's constituents praised him for that.

John Dingell entered Congress taking a seat that was held by his father former Rep.

John Dingell Sr. In his first election victory speeches, Dingell said he was picking up the baton passed to him by his father. Biden now says it's time to carry the baton and pass it forward. Dingell's casket will pass the U.S. Capitol and will arrive at a second funeral, which will feature words delivered by former President Bill Clinton and former House Speaker John Boehner. Arlington National Cemetery will be his final resting place.

Biden praised Dingell's dedication this district calling him a die hard man of Michigan. Joe Biden said that today we mourn because we knew John, but now we will work harder, respect men and women if we really want to make him proud.