Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are gradually venturing into areas where they will have to interact with international figures. The centenary celebration of Nelson Mandela was one such occasion. An exhibition is going on in the Queen Elizabeth Hall of the Southbank Centre in London, and the Royal Couple opened it. They were welcomed by leading former anti-apartheid campaigner Lord Peter Hain, who is chair of the Nelson Mandela Centenary Exhibition.

Daily Mail UK reports that the exhibition showcases the career of the leader from his activist days to being president.

This is the first time the exhibition will be shown in the UK. It has already had successful runs around the world, and the one in Paris ran for six weeks at the Paris Town Hall in 2013.

Harry and Meghan spoke to Mandela’s family members

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle met Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter Ms. Dlamini-Mandela. She is also known as 'Swati,' and was born in 1979 in Welkom, South Africa. She is at present a business developer, public speaker, and entrepreneur and has her own luxury fashion brand which she launched last year. In the course of going around the exhibition, the Royal couple watched a performance by the Ubynye Choir, and it “left the Duchess with goosebumps.”

Sello Hatang, chief executive of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, revealed that London was the venue for some of some of the most inspiring speeches of Nelson Mandela.

The exhibition in London depicts the anti-apartheid freedom struggle and Mandela's vision is free for visitors to share from July 17 to August 19.

Meghan and Harry seem to be enjoying their marriage

They have been married now for nearly two months and time has flown over the last few weeks. After their first royal tour as a married couple in Ireland, they attended the christening of their nephew Prince Louis, and now the exhibition of Nelson Mandela.

Meghan does not hesitate to show her love for Harry in public whenever she gets a chance, with her glances and smiles.

According to Express UK, the Royal Couple appeared to be relaxed and in “great spirits.” They expressed their feelings by smiling and waving to photographers who had gathered outside the venue of the exhibition.

One of the items that caught the attention of the couple in the exhibition was a pickaxe. It is believed to be the one Mandela had to use while carrying out manual labor on Robben Island where he had been imprisoned.

Harry visited South Africa in 2015 and on that visit, he saw the cell in which the anti-apartheid leader had been held as a prisoner for 18 years by the apartheid regime.