US Border Patrol maintains a strict vigil, especially at the Mexican border to prevent entry of illegal immigrants into the country. The illegals resort to various means and one of these is to hide in vehicles and try to escape the eyes of the law. However, an SUV containing 14 people failed when chased by Border Patrol agents in Texas and it overturned. The occupants were thrown out and four of them died on the spot while the fifth succumbed to his injuries in the hospital, Sky News reported.

Sky noted the vehicle was speeding and that the incident took place on Texas Highway 85, about 90 miles from the Mexican border.

Initial reports indicate that the SUV went off the road and the driver lost control due to the gravel.

Five people died in SUV accident

One of the tasks of Border Patrol agents is to ensure that illegal immigrants do not enter America. Many of them try to cross over in desperation because they want to leave their country for different reasons and make a dash for America in search of better living conditions. The men guarding the border apprehend them and prevail upon them to follow the laid down procedures.

In this case, the SUV made an attempt to escape and ended up in an accident near the Mexican border in Texas. Dimmit County Sheriff Marion Boyd confirmed that accidents of this nature are not new and the borders must be made more secure, CNN reported.

Most of the occupants did not have any legal authority to be residing in the US. The driver and one passenger, believed to be US citizens, have been arrested.

Border Patrol agents required to be alert

The incident appeared to be a planned activity with the involvement of three vehicles. CNN reports that a Border Patrol agent in Carrizo Springs suspected something was amiss when three vehicles went past him on a rural highway.

He stopped one of them and relayed information about the remaining two to his colleagues. Based on that input, a second agent stopped the second vehicle. They arrested some people as well, but the third vehicle fled the spot. It was traveling at more than 100 mph and when the police gave chase it overturned near the Mexican border in Texas and killed five men who are believed to be illegal immigrants.

In the opinion of Dimmit County Sheriff Marion Boyd, it is necessary to have the US-Mexico border wall as proposed by President Donald Trump. Only, the wall should have provisions for installing cameras and sensors as well, to make it more effective.