Just days before the Trump-Kim summit, it was rumored that Dennis Rodman, friend to Kim Jong-un and supporter of Trump, would fly to Singapore. It was later confirmed by his agent Darren Prince, that the trip was under consideration, and if he went, Rodman would not be a part of the talks, The New York Post noted.

In Singapore, Dennis appeared before CNN cameras wearing his PotCoin t-shirt, bright red Make America Great Again hat and dark sunglasses to give an interview to Chris Cuomo, Fox News reported.

The NBA Hall of Famer and spokesman for PotCoin, which, according to their website is a "cryptocurrency" for legalized "marijuana," provided a glimpse into the world of North Korea.

He told viewers that the North Koreans have "charisma and they love each other.” He then went on to tell all.

Kim Jong-un and Dennis brought together by basketball, kept together by history

Kim Jong-un's favorite sport is basketball and his favorite player of all time is Dennis Rodman. Also known as "The Worm" during his playing days, Rodman was invited to North Korea years ago. And as the saying goes, the rest is history--in this case, in the most literal sense.

Dennis Rodman was the first American to be invited to North Korea by the Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un. No sitting US president has ever sat down face-to-face with the Kim Jong regime about denuclearization, so what Trump has accomplished cannot be denied.

Dennis told the story of years past when he promised Kim that he would bring a professional basketball team to play for him, and he did in 2014. According to Rodman, Kim Jong-un told him he was the first one to keep his word to him and his country, and that he saw Dennis as trustworthy. This sentiment touched Dennis deeply, and an unlikely friendship was born.

Dennis tried to serve as an unofficial ambassador for Kim Jong-un

According to Rodman, another US president had an opportunity to meet with Kim Jong-un before Donald did, but nothing came of it.

In his reflections with Chris Cuomo, Dennis shared that five years ago Kim asked him to tell the then-president that if the US removed their ships from South Korea, then he would listen and come to the negotiation table.

In the midst of Rodman's recounting of the moment and his efforts to deliver the message to Obama, he became emotional.

Dennis blasted President Obama saying he would not give him “the time of day” and added, “he just brushed me off.” Rodman said he made repeated attempts to talk to Barack, explaining he had something to say from North Korea, but no one wanted to see or hear him.

Through the intensity, he explained how he had to hide out due to death threats after he spoke on behalf of his friend Kim. And with that, the tears streamed down his cheeks.

Dennis Rodman explains Kim Jong-un

The world knows Chairman Kim best through CNN, Associated Press and mainstream media reports which depict him as the dictator who killed his half-brother, uncle, and over 140 members of his regime's administration.

However, the man Dennis described sounded like the guy-next-door.

Through a chuckle, "The Worm" explained that Kim Jong-un is like a big kid" and "loves to have a good time," pointing out that when Kim arrived in Singapore and toured the streets, he took selfies. “I was saying this guy wants to be around the world, he wants to come to America, he wants to enjoy his life, he wants his people to enjoy this life,” said the dictator's friend.

Kim's intelligence and dignity was boasted about by Rodman with him saying he thinks people know Kim is "not a dumb man," and noted Kim is just trying to "protect his people, protect his honor and everything that has to do with his country.”

The White House thanks Rodman

With all that has happened and led to this point, Cuomo wondered if the White House had said anything to the basketball star.

According to Rodman, the White House did reach out to him via the White House secretary who according to Dennis said "Donald Trump is so proud of you. He thanks you a lot."

An air of thank-you-for-noticing emanated through Rodman's earnest smile which was followed by comments that he felt he "had something to do with the North Korea situation" but didn’t want "to take credit." In fact, he repeatedly praised Trump giving many accolades, saying that he should take a lot of credit for the historic move because he went out of the box to make the summit happen.

Dennis' hope for the future

The interview ended with Dennis telling Cuomo that he was no politician, and remains neutral on the Kim Jong-un front with regard to his leadership and that he was not trying to always be on Kim's side.

He acquiesced that he didn't see the politics of the situation and he would leave that up to Trump. But what Rodman did acknowledge was that he wanted peace and to bring sports to North Korea adding there should be “No more hatred.”

Rodman said his involvement was not about money or fame of being that "great person" who brought the two leaders together but did leave the door open for him to come to the aide of either of his friends - that is if he should be called upon to help or provide insight.

He ended the interview by saying he was "going to do more important things in the world" and asked the public to stand behind him.