The celebratory mood at the University of Florida graduation was spoiled by a seemingly racist graduation marshal who pushed black students off the stage. The marshal, who has been identified by one of the graduating students as Alexander David Jacobs, was seen in videos manhandling black students who were celebrating their graduation off the stage. The university has since issued a public apology.

Heartbreaking incident

The graduates took a moment to get featured on the large screen TV used to project the event and share in their joy before being roughly shoved out of view.

The marshal doing the shoving was wearing a ceremonial robe.

One of the graduates said how disappointing it was to undergo such an experience, especially since her family had flown in all the way from London for the graduation. Nafeesah Attah said it was especially heartbreaking, as it seems the marshal was only interested in getting the black students off the stage -- according to the Huffington Post. White students even had the time to perform backflips, she added.

W. Kent Fuchs, president of the University of Florida, has since issued an apology on Twitter terming the actions of the marshal inappropriate and aggressive. He promised to reach out to the graduates to let them know the university was proud of their achievements.

Nafeesah said that the university let the moment to handle the situation pass and their apology meant nothing.

Total disgrace

The university has also been accused of editing the live stream uploaded to its website to make it seem like the incidents were isolated cases, yet they occurred all throughout the graduation ceremony.

The videos sparked social media uproar with some accusing the president of being aware of the situation and doing nothing about it. They alleged that the marshal was following instructions. An alum of the university said the treatment targeting the black students was a total disgrace. One Twitter user just wanted to know why nobody thought of punching the marshal in the face.

The marshal has since been forced to take administrative leave, even though the school spokesperson -- Margot Winnick -- refused to reveal his identity. The only information she revealed was that he is in the Chemistry department. The incident will put a dent in the university's reputation.

Most students, current and former, are now calling for a review of the commencement policy that prevents graduates from celebrating on stage. That the graduates worked hard over the years and deserved to celebrate their hard work was a common point made.