The ways of the world are strange and Singapore overtook other contenders like Switzerland to host the summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula. The main topic of discussion will be the denuclearization and Singapore will host the meeting on June 12. The Washington Post reports that Singapore will get the distinction of playing host to the biggest diplomatic event of the year. There had been many options in front of the organizers and Singapore beat other hopefuls, including Switzerland.

Even North Korea and the United States were ruled out due to various considerations.

How Singapore won the bid?

The search was on for a neutral venue and Singapore won hands down because it has close links to both the US and North Korea. Singapore has had diplomatic ties with North Korea since 1975 and the hermit kingdom has an embassy in Singapore. As for America, there is a bilateral free-trade agreement between them and Singapore is a strategic partner. Incidentally, Singapore has earned recognition of neutrality in global affairs. Its government has successfully conducted high-profile diplomatic events on short notice and is now poised to host Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un for another such event that will gain international coverage.

Why was Singapore chosen?

The reluctance of Kim Jong-un to travel far away from his own country was a major factor to choose a venue nearer home. The leader of North Korea travels by his own aircraft, which are very old models. Using such aircraft for long distance travel will mean stopovers for refueling, which does not fit in with Kim’s scheme of things.

Hence, venues like Sweden or Switzerland were ruled out. Yes, the summit with Donald Trump could have been held in North Korea itself or in the United States. However, both were given the thumbs down and it boiled down to Singapore, which is easily reachable from North Korea. It is a modern metropolis of a country that has made tremendous progress within a short time.

What was once a poor country and, with an able leadership, has jumped in leaps and bounds to occupy a prominent place in world affairs.

From Kim’s approach to the summit, it appears he wants to abandon his nuclear weapon programs, agree to denuclearization, and concentrate on rebuilding his nation. Once he looks around Singapore, he will realize that his country can also match the progress. The example of the development of Singapore could influence him to turn over a new leaf.