As the United States continues to stoke tensions with a number of adversarial countries, some of those countries are now banding together to strengthen their resolve. In a rare visit to Russia, Chinese Defense Minister Wei Feng pledged the nation's support for Russia, should the country in fact go to war with the United States. Wei Feng made it very clear during his visit that he was there on the strict authority of President Xi Jinping. This small but crucial detail highlights the growing divide between the United States and china. The two nations are currently going tit-for-tat in what appears to be a new trade war.

If things continue on this path, an actual war might be what follows.

Nations on the rise

At this time, the United States enjoys a comfortable margin as the world's number one military superpower. China and Russia are regarded as second and third respectively, but with a large gap to catch the U.S.

Their cooperation has closed that gap, though, and the U.S. has taken notice. Before their falling out in the 1960's the Russian-Chinese alliance was the strongest communist alliance in the world. Both nations still to a degree run on communism and their reunification may have only been a matter of time.

China has asserted its dominance in the South China Sea, which accounts for a large percentage of international shipping routes.

Russia, on the other hand, has declared victory in their battle against ISIS in Syria. They have been increasingly engaging in conflicts abroad, much like the United States does in its battle against global terrorism.

Should the U.S. worry?

Right now, the pledging of support from China to Russia is nothing more than platitudes.

Two nations who are battling with the United States for global superiority in a number of areas should naturally want to combine their forces to better their chances of success.

However, if an actual war with Russia breaks out, it is still very uncertain how China would respond. Do they feel that Russia would jump to their aide if the situation is reversed?

Lingering doubts and understandable paranoia may kill any detente that the two nations have agreed to.

Regardless, the United States cannot ignore that the two major world powers that compete with it have pledged their support for one another. The pieces are falling into place for another World War as countries continue to take sides in global disputes.