Ivanka Trump doesn't always use the best choice of words when it comes to expressing herself on social media. She's regularly excoriated for her messages and photos. More of that occurred on Wednesday (April 26), when the first daughter and special assistant to President Donald Trump retweeted a message posted by Kanye West. One simple hashtag is what resulted in the backlash.

Trump's hashtag ridiculed as off-base

Ivanka wrote the hashtag #truth in her retweet of Kanye's message, which voiced support of her father. The rapper-turned-designer expressed that he can't be pressured by "the mob" to not love him.

Although he doesn't agree with everything he does, he views Trump as an individual. He relayed the message in general terms but was pointedly referring to the president. He added that he considers Donald Trump his "brother."

While Ivanka Trump may have meant #truth in terms of agreeing with what Kanye West wrote, she was trolled for using a word that doesn't accurately define her father in the eyes of critics. The president is corrected in the press daily for misleading the public on his half-truths when it comes to everything from his scandals to popularity polls and beyond. Kanye's tweet is posted below.

Check out some of the responses Ivanka received after retweeting the post.

There were a few users who noticed a member of the Trump family was bolstering the opinion of a celebrity.

"Funny how team Trump is suddenly pro-celebrity," wrote one.

"Daddy! We've got a REAL celebrity now!" another chimed in.

Earlier this year, Ivanka Trump posted a photo of her daughter peering out from under her floor-length gown. "My partner in crime," she captioned it. The image instantly drew criticism for her choice of words, considering her husband, Jared Kushner, had his security clearance downgraded due to scrutiny by investigators of past business dealings.

Critics rarely give the first daughter a break on social media. If she writes something that comes off as totally oblivious, she's called out on it. It's unknown if she sits around reading the comments, but it's been reported that she's frustrated by the negativity she receives.

Kanye West returns from Twitter hiatus

Footwear News notes in its coverage of Ivanka retweeting Kanye West's message that the rapper recently returned to Twitter after a long hiatus. In doing so, he posted an image of his autographed "Make America Great Again" hat from the president.

Do you think #truth was an inappropriate hashtag for Ivanka Trump to use in her retweet of Kanye West's message? Should she have thought more about the irony of adding the word just for the reaction it would bring?