Today, March 21, President Donald J. Trump had a phone conference with France's President Emmanuel Macron to discuss the trade tariff issue. He expressed his desire for the United States and Europe to explore and reach a fair trade agreement over tariffs that would produce a better trade deal for all involved. He also reminded President Macron that the United States stands with the United Kingdom and is appalled by the recent reckless use of chemical nerve agents that targeted private citizens on British soil. He agreed with the United Kingdom's decisive action of expelling Russian diplomats as a means of holding Russia accountable.

Conversation with Putin

Yesterday, President Trump spoke to President Vladimir Putin, according to CNN, to not only congratulate him on his re-election but to discuss the state of bilateral relations, as it is the key building block for establishing international relations. They both agreed to continue to keep an open dialogue on resolving the challenges on national security priorities. President Trump also stressed the importance of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.

Welcomes and bilateral meeting

President Trump also met and welcomed the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, yesterday.

His visit to the White House was to reaffirm and discuss the ongoing progress of their bilateral relationship In remarks before the meeting President Trump and the Crown Prince acknowledged the alliance between the United States and the Middle East. They also spoke of Saudi Arabia's investment of artillery equipment and other products that will be made in the United States.

The investment adds up to $400 billion in products, of which $200 billion has been already invested in U. S. companies and has provided thousands of jobs for U. S. citizens. The Crown Prince thanked the President for defeating ISIS and stopping Iran's deadly interaction across the Middle East.

In the Bilateral Meeting, President Trump and the Crown Prince discussed the realization of new commercial deals that would not only put thousands more of Americans to work, but also would help Saudi Arabia to succeed further in their economic reform agenda.

They also addressed the threats facing the Yemeni people and what steps needed to be taken to find a political resolution to solve the humanitarian situation. President Trump reminded the Crown Prince that Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East will be held to their commitment of zero tolerance for the funding of terrorism. He strongly noted that any country found to be funding terrorism would mean an end to any relationship between that country and the United States, reported theWhite House Channel.