As the pressure continues to mount on the White House in regards to the Russian investigation, Donald Trump now must deal with yet another resignation. The president's lawyer handling the investigation, John Dowd, has decided to step away, causing further chaos in the administration.

Trump's Russian trouble

Not long after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States, speculation quickly grew as to what role Russia played in his victory.

Numerous well-respected news outlets and government agencies concluded that Russia hacked the 2016 election and did so with the goal of helping to elect the former host of "The Apprentice." Since then, Trump has denied any wrongdoing, often repeating the phrase "no collusion" as his defense despite the evidence against him.

Though Donald Trump and his administration continue to push back against allegations that they were in cahoots with Russia during the election hacking, members of the team have not been pleased with what has been taking place.

As reported by CNN on March 22, Trump's lawyer on the case, John Dowd, has decided to resign. Reports indicate Dowd's major disagreements with the president, most notably his push for Trump to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller, as well as the president's increased tweets on the subject. Following Dowd's resignation, the president was asked if he would testify in the Russia probe and replied, "Yes.

I would like to."

Twitter backlash

After the resignation of John Dowd and Donald Trump's confirmation that he would testify in the Russian investigation, critics were quick to sound off on social media. "Haha, bet that’s why his lawyer resigned in the first place: Trump wouldn’t listen," one tweet read.

"Which lawyer is going to tell Trump to ST*U now?" a Twitter user wondered.

"We all can't wait for this to happen. There should be a sweep on how long it takes for you to perjure yourself. I will go for ten seconds," a tweet stated. "Well, Trump is a guilty pathological liar. What he 'says' matters not. Watch his treasonous actions + ignore his gaping pie hole," a follow-up tweet went on to add.

"Trumps been waiting to have his Col.

Jessup moment for a long time. Too bad he never finished the movie because he just kept ran around while Russian ho*kers peed on him while repeating 'YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH” until the credits rolled,'" a social media user wrote. "He lie so much I don't know if I can take him seriously on this one," yet another tweet noted.